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DJ Contract Template

You’ll never know how a contract can protect you until you meet a stubborn client. As a DJ, you need a free DJ contract template that clearly outlines your terms of work to be on the safe side. Working without a simple DJ contract template is costly.

A DJ contract agreement isn’t all that complicated. It only needs to cover the most important elements – the scope of work, terms of payment, work terms, etc. Even so, it can be challenging to create one. However, with a few DJ contract samples and templates available online, it’s easier to design one. Even so, try to keep it as original as possible with necessary common contract clauses. Just borrow the ideas and not the content, at least to make it look real.

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Here are some things you need to keep in mind when writing a free DJ contract template.

1. Scope of work

This is one of the most important parts of a DJ contract. It’s important to be so specific in terms of what you’ll be doing for your client:

  • Which freelance DJ services do you promise to offer?
  • Are there any exceptions?
  • If so, what are they?

Make sure you’re pretty clear about this. Most freelancers who forget to include their service limits end up performing extra tasks that the client isn’t prepared to pay for. So, to be on the safe side, let them know both what the agreement covers, and what it doesn’t cover. And if you can still offer additional services at a cost, mention that in the simple DJ contract template and include the rates accordingly.

2. Payment terms

Here are some of the questions your DJ contract needs to answer:

  • How much are you charging for your DJ services?
  • Are there discounts sometimes, or the rates are fixed?
  • Do you have a preferred payment method?

As a freelancer, it’s your responsibility to quote your services and break it down to your client. However, here you need to be very careful to protect the relationship between you and the client. Usually, clients don’t like it when they meet some unexpected costs along the way. So, be sure to include even the extra charges that the client may need to pay for in case additional work is done.

3. Deposits and refunds

As a DJ freelancer, you need to be clear about your deposits and refunds. Failing to cover this in your contract can be a big mess. You need to state whether you’ll need a deposit before you begin work and the percentage of the total amount this should take. Usually, most freelancers ask for 50% upfront before beginning the work. You can have this as well, but just set something that you think works best for you. Is the deposit refundable in case of a cancellation? This should also be covered in the simple DJ contract template.

4. Cancellations

It’s not a guarantee that things will run smoothly till the end. Sometimes the odd happens, and either you or the client needs to cancel the DJ contract agreement. So, in the case of this, what’s next? Will either of you goes scot-free, or there are some penalties for breach of contract?

Your DJ contract should answer this. As a freelancer, you need to be clear about the terms of cancellation to protect you from any losses resulting from a breach of contract. Even so, make sure the terms are fair for both of you.

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5. Overtime

Do you charge in case the event goes past the agreed time? Your free DJ contract template needs to cover this. While in most cases, the event may just end on time, there are a few times you may need to work overtime. Not unless you indicate how much this will cost, the client may assume that it’s part of your services.

So, make sure you include overtime charges in your simple DJ contract template so that in case a client wants to add time to your booking on-site, they’ll know how much to pay for. 

Ready to write your DJ contract? Be mindful of the tips above.

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DJ Contract Template

Create your own

DJ Contract Template

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