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Any freelancer would tell you that one of the most important goals is finding ways of earning more money. Many times, the consultants running these businesses focus on increasing their rates, as a way of making more money. However, a better approach would be to reduce wastage, especially where time and money are concerned. A daily timesheet template would help massively in that regard, as you will see below. The template can be a powerful tool when used properly. Treasure the document since it can boost your consultancy.

Daily Timesheet Template
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You can use the daily timesheet template for the following.

1. Choosing a niche with a daily timesheet template

The top freelancers know what their niches are. They are specialists in specific fields. They are not jacks of all trades, even though that has its own merits. Specializing in one main niche has many benefits. Learn how to do it today. Most importantly, let the timesheet template guide you a bit. For example, you can see what you spend most of your time doing each day from the template. Use this piece of information to determine whether to specialize on what you spend most of your time on, especially if you also enjoy doing it.

Specializing makes you an expert in any chosen field thus attracting more well-paying clients.

2. Clarifying your service offerings with a daily timesheet template

It’s important to let clients know what you do. Equally important is the need for telling them what you don’t do too. Clarify these issues from the start. Again, you need a reliable source of information to determine these issues. The template has all the information you need. Study it. Make decisions based on the data you acquire from the template. Use that data to prepare a list of tasks, activities, and things that you offer as part of your freelance services. Share this information with your clients.

3. The daily timesheet template for creating high-quality portfolio sites

Freelancers have to know the importance of high quality portfolio sites. Prepare a website that details all the work you have done in your chosen area of consultancy. The template captures your daily activities. Therefore, use it to prepare a list of all the projects you have done. It gives you dates and time that you spent on each project or client. Transfer these details over to the topnotch portfolio website. The site acts as a marketing platform that tells your future customers what you do well.

4. Improving your skills with the daily timesheet sample

As earlier stated, the daily timesheet template captures useful data. It’s important to interpret these data correctly. One way of doing that is by learning where your skills stand. Based on that, you can then decide to do something about them. For example, you could opt to take a fresher course to bring your skills up to par with the rest of the freelancing world. Additionally, you may decide to learn a completely new skill from what you currently have. By doing this, your clients would have no problem paying what you charge.

Daily Timesheet Template Sample
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5. Use the daily timesheet example to build credibility

Anyone working as a freelancer has to know how to build credibility. Deliver quality work all the time and your credibility will soar up to the skies. Work with some of the most notable players in your industry too. More importantly, spend your time and money working on your clients’ projects. Do not handle anything else until you deliver what the client ordered. Here, the daily timesheet template can help you massively. As you do this, your clients will notice and reward you accordingly with more work and better pay.

Therefore, start using the daily timesheet template in your freelancing business today.

Are you an employer? You can also benefit from the daily timesheet template

The main purpose of a daily timesheet template is to encourage employees – and their employers – to make good use of their time. As any good entrepreneur knows, time is not just money, but it is everything. Time lost never returns. Anyone who doesn’t put a stop to time wastage should expect to see the business going through a terrible time. Forget the stigma associated with timesheets. Overcome the stigma to use time wisely.

Daily Timesheet Template Example
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1. The daily timesheet template helps with small tasks

The timesheet helps with the small tasks, which eventually lead to the major ones. It’s all about doing what’s right today in the hope that it will all lead to great times in the future. Without the right focus on using your time wisely, your business would suffer. You wouldn’t even be able to focus on the business’ long-term vision and goals. Put a good system in place to ensure that all your personnel spends time doing what’s expected of them.

2. Manage everyday schedule with the daily timesheet example

Daily timesheet template is also effective at managing the everyday schedule for everybody at the office. Normally, the employer should trust his workers to manage their schedule without any supervision. However, that doesn’t always go according to plan. Some employees will do what’s expected while others will fall short. Sadly, employers have no time for micromanaging such stuff. They can do something about it by encouraging the workers to use timesheets.

3. Use the daily timesheet sample as a management tool

The employer can then obtain a report from the timesheet and arrive at conclusions that help the business to move forward. The conclusions could help the business owner to institute new changes that bring better results. A business that incorporates timesheets as part of management tools stands a better chance of witnessing positive changes. One that doesn’t embrace this tool exposes itself to the likelihood of massive failures.

4. Evaluate employee performance with the daily timesheet template

Today, just as it’s always been the case, business owners have to find ways of evaluating employee performance. You can measure performance in different ways. A few of these include reviews and self-evaluations, 360 evaluation, and critical incident among others. The daily timesheet template offers more information regarding how each employee spends time on while in the office. Use this information to evaluate their performances too.

Daily Timesheet Template PDF
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5. Update the daily timesheet

The timesheet populates data automatically. It tracks dependencies and ensures that all the reporting is up to date. Everybody – from the business owner to the workers – have to ensure that the information on the timesheet is current. This way, the whole team will have succeeded in making the project’s timeline in real-time. Essentially, good management of the timesheet keeps everybody abreast of the project’s deadline, which draws ever so near.

6. Use the daily timesheet sample to encourage accountability

The timesheet also boosts accountability. As you may be aware, all members of your team need to be accountable to each other. They have to approach each project as a team. This way, they know that anybody who doesn’t give the project the required time and attention, runs the risk of letting everybody down. Educate them on the importance of the daily timesheet template, so they all buy into it.

7. Value the daily timesheet

Your team needs to know that you expect everybody to value and prioritize the timesheet. As happens in any office, some members will buy into this idea immediately. Reward those who start using the timesheet properly. Give others the time to catch up. Those who refuse to follow your prompts should then be given a notice that you will not put up with that. Provide leadership in this matter for the sake of your business.

With all these in mind, take the first step by investing in a good daily timesheet template.

Use the timesheet to remind everyone in the office the value and importance of time.

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