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Contractor Invoice Template (Excel)

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Contractor Invoice Template (Excel)

Being a freelancer, you have worked diligently towards the project delegated to you by your client. You would now intend to collect payment for your efforts but would want to traverse a path that is reliable and professional. But what means would you choose to get paid professionally? The answer is creating a contractor invoice template in Excel.

The job of creating your contractor invoice template Excel might sound intriguing and tedious at first. However, the task becomes a piece of cake once you get the hang of it.

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Bonsai is an online platform where you can choose any of the numerous templates available and tweak it in a way that best suits your interests throughout your freelancing career. 

1. Key points to consider

While customizing your contractor invoice template Excel, you must remember to implement specific protocols.

1.1. Title "invoice" and a unique invoice number

Simply titling your document with "Invoice" signifies the whole purpose of the documentation and ensures the client that no other invoice shall be generated further. Allotting your contractor invoice template Excel a unique invoice number will render a professional outlook and also help you keep track of all payments and project completions.

1.2. Your company details

You must always add your company's specifications like name, street address, city, state, email, or phone number. This would make it convenient for the contractor to reach out to you in case something pops up, and also use your name as a reference to other clients. You can also enlist your social networking details like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

1.3. Contact information of the customer

Adding your customer's name, address, contact number, or email shall be relevant for the customer to claim the responsibility of the bill. This would also aid in collections later if the bill is passed unpaid. If the customer is a  business organization, ensure to inculcate both service and billing address in your contractor invoice template Excel.

1.4. Specifications of the product/service sold

This section of the invoice will provide all necessary details regarding the due amount the customer has to pay. Being a freelancer, you must have it designed rather meticulously with each column depicting specific charges on each service or component used in the final product. Also,  remember to add taxes and other applicable charges.

1.5. Total payable amount

At the bottom of the invoice, sum up all charges and costs to provide a finalized payable amount by the customer. In case you provide discounts, the preferred format would be to break this down into:

  • Subtotal
  • Tax
  • Discounts
  • Total due]
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2. Benefits of a contractor invoice template Excel

Generating a contractor invoice template Excel has various advantages, apart from being more presentable and professional.

2.1. Prompts payment

Sending an invoice makes it formal and official regarding the demand of payment from your customer. This would make your client enact accordingly and would reduce the chance of absurd expenses or unpaid amounts.

2.2. Keeps a professional record

Keeping a copy of the contractor invoice template Excel  every time you accomplish a project will help you to maintain track of all tasks completed and monetary funds gathered or spent on a gig.

2.3. Sends out a positive message

Maintaining a decent invoice with a proper logo and intricate details will luster your brand name across the market and leave customers with a greater level of satisfaction, hence attracting more customers.

Bonsai - the freelancer's choice

Creating a contractor invoice template Excel shall offer copious benefits and have the element of convenience and comfort no matter how small or big the project allotted might be. Bonsai is an online platform used by freelancers worldwide to generate invoices and customize templates available on the website.

To obtain a contractor invoice template Excel and throttle up your freelancing career, visit Bonsai online, and choose from numerous templates available. Enhance your workflow with automated invoice creation, sending reminders, and late fees.

Don't hold back in making your freelancing business thrive and use the online services offered by Bonsai.

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Contractor Invoice Template (Excel)

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Contractor Invoice Template (Excel)

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