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Consulting Scope of Work Template

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Consulting Scope of Work Template

A scope of work template is an essential document to freelancers and independent consultants who provide professional services for individuals and businesses. The professional scope of work captures and defines the tasks, deliverables, activities, and timeline of a project.

Not only that, the scope of work, if you give well-thought writing, will tell your story as a consultant. If you provide any form of consulting service, you should consider getting an editable consulting scope of work template for quick use. 

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Why is a consulting scope of work important?

If you sign a contract for businesses, the scope of work will help you define the terms of work. You can't afford ambiguity when dealing with a client since that may lead to misunderstanding and eventually affect your business relationship. Business consultants can avoid miscommunication when they define they use the SOW to define the deliverables and objectives of a project as well as strategies to accomplish them. 

Asides the fact that an SOW can stand as a legal document for protecting the interests of clients and professionals alike, the document is also useful to track work progress and staying on course. You can create your consulting scope of work template to craft a plan and manage your consulting service for a client. A consultant can always modify an SOW if there are approved changes that affect the project timeline or any other important detail about a project. 

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Information contained in a consulting SOW

One or more of the following sections should be included in a consulting scope of work template.

1. Introduction and information of parties

This section is where you add your business information like name, address, phone number, and email address. Don't forget to add information about your client. Also, the introduction should include the supplier autonomy statement and the name of the project.

2. Project details

This part of a scope of work deals with the project information and expectations. It describes the problem, deliverables, and goals. Your consulting scope of work template should also cover strategies in this section, and it must be aligned with the client's goals. 

3. Compensation

This section covers the payment details and cost of the consulting service. It also includes material cost, milestone, reimbursement, and other financial expenses. It is important to be detailed here but with just enough information to clear the invoice at the end of the project. 

4. Authorization

If you would need authorization or any form of approval to start work, you should include the request in your consulting scope of work template. This would avoid delay and provide you access to the client's portal or whatever you are meant to work on. 

5. Schedule

This is the place to set a timeline and milestones if applicable. Set dates for each part of the project if you have broken the job into discrete tasks. It will help you coordinate the work if it includes different departments and also helps measure your progress. 

6. Signature 

Don't start a project until you get your client's approval. It is not a formality; it would help you if a dispute arises in the course of the project.  Every consulting scope of work template must have the signature of your client or representative to transform the SOW into an enforceable document. 

Which industries use a consulting scope of work sample

Here is a list of some services you’d need an SOW to spell out job details:

  1. Web design service
  2. Marketing services
  3. Software development service
  4. Subcontracting
  5. Event planning
  6. Wedding contractors
  7. Plumbing services
  8. Appliance repair services
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Consulting Scope of Work Template

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Consulting Scope of Work Template

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