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Save time and do less admin work

Time tracking

Track all your billable hours and add them invoices.


Impress your leads with customized branded proposals created in seconds.


Secure new clients with lawyer-vetted, ready-to-use templates.


Professional invoicing that takes you seconds, not days.


Keep track of your business’s financial health.


Receive, save and spend your business income.

Before Bonsai, I had a lot of stress knowing parts of my business were in different places, but now I have a lot of peace of mind. I feel like a calmer business owner. I save time on the admin tasks so I can be creative and do what I love to do.

Mary Mitchell, Brand Designer
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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about this industry.

What is the best way to accept payments as a freelancer?

With Bonsai you can get paid on your own terms, whether that is before taking your first call or as soon as invoices are approved. Take the guesswork out of payments through automated reminders to make sure you never miss a payment, and you get paid quicker.

How do I ask for money as a freelancer?

We know it can be tough to have the financial conversation with clients. Bonsai white-label branding makes you look more professional and takes the pressure off of having to ask for payment or worry about how you'll take payments from clients.