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To provide exceptional customer service, professional waxing experts and clients must communicate effectively. Whether getting a Brazilian or an eyebrow wax, waxing is a delicate treatment, and clients always seek perfection. Of course, each client has unique needs, and you must be able to determine which method or product to employ to avoid damage or more discomfort.

For this reason, it's important to implement a wax intake form before beginning any treatment. This set of pre-waxing questions will help create a client profile, and gather all the information ahead of time so you can guarantee a high-quality service. Read on to find out the important aspects your waxing intake form should cover.

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What Elements Should Your Waxing Intake Form Include?

The specific questions you decide to include in your client intake form may vary depending on your business needs and treatments you offer. However, you can use the following list of elements as a guideline to make sure you are covering all the bases when creating your own intake/consent form.

Client Information

Begin your client intake form with a section for your client's full name and basic contact information such as email address, phone number and physical address. You might also ask for their age or date of birth, as well as any emergency contact details they might want to provide.

Waxing Services

Include a small section to specify the type of waxing service you will be providing, specifying the areas of the body to be treated. You can add treatment-specific questions. For example, if the client has an appointment for a bikini or Brazilian wax, you'll want to ask about the client's menstrual cycle to make sure you'll be able to provide the service.

Skin condition

In order to determine which waxes would be ideal for your client's skin, you'll want to inquire about its current condition. Ask questions to find out their skin type (dry, oily, sensitive), and if they have any skin problem that requires medical care. In the case of medical conditions you must ask the client to provide a doctor's letter authorizing the procedure. Make sure to find out if they are currently taking any medication that might interfere with the waxing treatment.

Previous waxing treatment

Is this the client's first waxing? Have they tried any other hair removal methods? First-timers require a more extensive explanation than seasoned clients who are accustomed to having wax pulled off from their skin. If there is something they disliked about their past experiences you can keep this in mind and set clear expectations this time around.

If the client is not new to waxing, make sure to inquire about any previous adverse reactions whether they were presented immediately after the procedures or weeks later. Additionally, ask if they have any allergies to certain types of wax.

Skin Care Routine

Dig deeper into your client's daily skin care routine. This will help you assess the client's knowledge of pre- and post-waxing care and, if necessary, offer the appropriate advice. Ask about the specific kind of cream, sunscreen or moisturizing oils they might use, if they frequent tanning beds, and whether they did a pre-waxing ritual before the appointment.

Consent Form

While some estheticians prefer to use separate forms for waxing consent in most cases it is added to the intake form as a final clause. This section is used to inform the client of any side-effects they might experience due to the waxing treatment, issues that they should be aware of, aftercare guidelines, and basically make them aware of their full responsibility for any ramifications.

By providing all this information (and getting your client to sign the consent), you protect your business from any liabilities in case something goes wrong.

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