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When visiting your spa, customers put their trust in you and expect that you will handle their treatment with the utmost skill, anticipating a pleasurable and relaxing experience. As a service provider, it is your duty to live up to their expectations. A great way to discover and fully understand your client's needs and expectations is to implement a spa intake form which they can fill out before the treatment, ideally as soon as the appointment is scheduled.

Client intake forms not only help gather crucial information regarding the client's medical history, previous experiences and preferences. They also keep both you and your new clients legally protected by setting clear expectations and communicating risks.

To help you develop a comprehensive yet straightforward intake form, let's take a look at the main aspects you should be covering.

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Elements to Include in Your Spa Client Intake Form

The primary goal of implementing a client intake form prior to a spa treatment is not just to collect the client's basic contact details. This form should also help gain a better knowledge of their expectations and discover any red flags that may prevent you from offering high-quality services.

While the specific questions you choose to include may vary depending on your niche or business needs, you can consider the following elements as a guideline to draft a more complete questionnaire.

General Information

Begin your spa intake form with collecting the client's essential information, such as complete name, phone number, and email address. If you offer any membership or loyalty programs it will also be beneficial for you to collect more details such as the client's birthday, mailing address, or any specific goods from your selections.

Medical and Health History

It is vital to collect data that could affect the quality and safety of the services provided by your spa. Inquire about any prescriptions or medications they may be taking, allergies, current health conditions under treatment, past surgeries, and major accidents or injuries. This medical information can tremendously assist you in tailoring the therapy to the demands of the patient.

Treatment-Relevant Information

This section of your intake form may differ depending on the sort of service you provide. If this is a facial intake form, for example, you must include questions to learn more about the client's skin and habits that may be important to the treatment. This could include skin type, body piercings, skin care products utilized, previous facial treatments, sinus issues, and so on.

In the case of a massage intake form, inquire about preference in pressure, sensitive body areas and specific areas where the new patient is experiencing discomfort.

Informed Consent

The informed consent portion of your client intake form will help the client fully understand each step of the procedure covering all important details that may have an impact on how the service is delivered. This includes release of responsibility in case of unwanted outcomes (provided that all previously gathered information was taken into account by the therapist).

Additionally, if you intend to use their personal and contact information for any marketing purposes you must ask for the client's signature consenting you to do so.

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Once you're done customizing your intake form, you can either print it or share it directly with your clients via email or URL link. You can also create an intake form template to have it embedded into your website, helping you collect more leads and streamline the client onboarding process.

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