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A Reiki intake form is a great tool to implement in the early stages of your client onboarding process. This questionnaire will not only serve to keep all client contact information at hand, but will also provide you with vital information regarding their needs, expectations and preferences regarding the Reiki practice.

Whether you decide to implement it as an in-person questionnaire during the first session, or ask them to fill it out before the appointment, it is crucial that you gather this information before starting the therapy. But what are the important aspects you must cover in your Reiki client intake form? Read on to find out!

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Essential Elements to Include in Your Reiki Client Intake Form

While the specific questions you ask on your reiki client intake form may vary depending on your niche and business needs, there are some essential elements you must make sure to always cover. These elements will serve a guideline for you to add your own questions and draft a comprehensive yet straightforward document that aligns with your practice.

Here are some of the vital aspects you must cover.

Contact Information

Begin your Reiki intake form with a section for your client's full name, birth date, and basic contact details such as phone number, email address and physical address. You might also ask for an emergency contact including the full name, phone number and relationship to the client.

Medical Background

It's also important to inquire about the client's medical history as there may be pre-existing conditions or medications that you must take into consideration during the therapy. Here are some basic aspects you'll want to cover in your intake form.

- Existing medical conditions and treatments

- Allergies

- Pregnancy or breastfeeding

- Previous hospitalizations

- Smoking, drinking or illegal drug intake

- Surgeries or important injuries

- Current prescription or non-prescription medication intake

Goals and Expectations

Next, try to get an insight into the reasons why your client is seeking Reiki therapy and what expectations they have. These questions will help you determine if the services you offer are appropriate for the client and provide you with some guidelines to follow to make sure the reiki session meets the client's needs. Here are some aspects to focus on.

- Previous Reiki treatments and how the experience went

- Goals for the Reiki therapy (Stress relief, healing from past/ current relationships, spiritual growth, pain relief, etc.)

- Specific issues the client would like to improve or heal

- Reiki session preferences (difficulties laying on their back, sensitivity to essential oils, physical touch in specific body areas, etc.)

Informed Consent

Last but not least, it's critical that your customers fully comprehend the therapy's nature, risks and side effects, anticipated benefits, the implications of not receiving a treatment, and their explicit right to discontinue, change, or question the treatment at any moment. You can put a clause titled "Informed Consent" at the end of your client intake form to cover this subject.

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You can also create a generic Reiki intake form template and have it embedded into your business website to help you collect leads and streamline your onboarding process. Your clients will be able to answer and sign the intake form online on any device and you can store this information so you can keep updating your client profiles and have your client's details handy at all times.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Questions about this template.

Four sessions is the recommended amount to see the benefits or Reiki. You should always consult with your health care provider.

What do you wear to a Reiki appointment?

Wear clean, loose, natural clothing to a Reiki session. Wearing cotton, linen or silk is typically recommended and you'll be asked to remove all external jewelry.

How many Reiki sessions are needed for anxiety?

For those experiencing anxiety, it is recommended to do three sessions of Reiki to restore balance and order within the body. Every client is different. Perhaps start off with once a month and see how you feel.

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