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Before beginning any body contouring treatment, it's vital that you understand key information about your candidates to make sure your services are appropriate for them. The best way to obtain this information is by incorporating a body contouring intake form to your client onboarding process.

This questionnaire must be completed by prospective clients as soon as they set up an appointment with you. It will not only help you identify risk factors and decide what the best course of action will be, but it also serves to set clear expectations and protect your business legally.

But what information should be covered in your body contouring intake form? Read on to find out.

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Essential Elements to Include in Your Body Contouring Intake Forms

A proper body contouring intake form will help understand your client's full story; who they are, why they're seeking your services, and their goals. While the specific questions you ask in your questionnaire may vary depending on your business needs, there are a few vital elements you can use as a guideline to craft a straightforward yet comprehensive document.

Take a look at the details you must keep in mind.

Client Information

Begin your body contouring client intake form with a section for your client's complete name and basic contact information like email, phone number, and physical address. You may also inquire about their age or date of birth, as well as any emergency contact information they may like to supply.

Medical History

Next, determine whether there are any medical problems that can put the client at risk while using specific body contouring techniques. This information is vital for you to identify the type of service that is best for your client and if there are any areas you should avoid during the treatment. Here are a couple of aspects you can consider covering.

- Past hospitalizations

- Surgeries or significant injuries (present or past)

- Pregnancy or breastfeeding

- Allergies

- Current or history of cancer (especially skin cancer)

- History of skin disorders (abnormal wound healing, keloid scarring, etc...)

- Active medical condition in the treatment area.


You can make simple lifestyle recommendations that could enhance your patient's health by asking about their daily routine and way of life. Additionally, the information you gather in this section can help you find ways to integrate the post-treatment care recommendations efficiently to your client's day to day. Here's what you can focus your questions on.

- Their work life (occupation, level of stress, etc...)

- Smoking, drinking or illegal drug intake

- Sleeping habits

- Sports or hobbies (how frequently they practice, how long they have been doing it, etc...)

- Daily water intake

- Eating habits/disorders


To ensure customer satisfaction you must set clear expectations. It's important to add a set of questions to find out why the client is seeking your services, whether they came to you specifically for a reason, and the outcomes they are hoping to get from the procedure. Ask if they have had any similar procedures done in the past, and what worries they have regarding the treatment.

Consent Form

A client consent form can be provided separately if you wish. However, it's common to include the informed consent clause at the bottom of the body contouring intake forms to get the client's signature agreeing to the procedure. This section must provide thorough information regarding the procedures you will follow during the body contouring sessions and any risks or discomfort the client might experience.

You must also mention the benefits and alternatives of the procedure, as well as the complete freedom for the client to ask any questions or stop the treatment at any time. Being very specific in this regard will protect your business in case something goes wrong.

Create the Perfect Client Intake Forms With Bonsai

As a body contouring specialist, seeing your patients’ transformation from start to finish is one of the most delightful aspects of your job. However, body contouring is a process that can be both physically and emotionally challenging for patients. Practitioners like you need to get to know your patients so that you can best help them through their journey.

This body contouring intake form allows you to understand each patient's unique goals and motivations. This will help your patients better understand their bodies and what they need to do to get the results they desire.

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