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Work Invoice TemplateWork Invoice TemplateWork Invoice Template

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An invoice is a payment demand document issued by a seller to the buyer of a good or service after the sale. The document details what goods or service has been provided and the amount to be paid in return. A work invoice is used to request payment officially for completed work. The document may be used as a bill for a one-off project or for recurring work in cases where there is a relationship with a customer.

Traditionally, invoices have a history of being hand-written or typed on papers. But over the years, electronic invoice solutions are being developed, and they fast replacing the traditional billing methods of manual writing. Today, you can get a ready electronic work invoice within a few minutes with a few clicks online or even download a template to your local computer.

Work Invoice Template
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So many things would demand your attention as a serviceman; drafting contracts and proposals, managing finances, and crafting invoices are part of your administrative tasks besides your core services. So, it would be best if you adopt an efficient method to create and send your work invoice after completing a task. That way, you save time and have more focus on your core business activities. An electronic invoice would work for you regardless of your work. There's a suitable format for you whether you are a freelancer, video editor, photographer, or a web designer. 

Bonsai has an intuitive platform to create invoices for work in different templates-Word, PDF, Excel, or Google Sheets. The beauty of creating your work invoice online is that you don't necessarily have to be a tech geek to create a solid invoice template. The interface is simple and well structured to help create your personal invoice template. And if you have no full knowledge of the details of a typical invoice for a work template, see the next section of this article to start. 

Creating a solid work invoice template

Working for yourself is a liberating way to make a living. But when it comes to getting paid for your work, you should have a professional framework that would enhance faster responses from the client. See the sections of a perfect work invoice template that can make that happen.

1. A professional header in the work invoice template

Start your billing document for work done with your business name or full name if you don’t have one. Put that info in a professional easy-to-read font. Also, include your logo but ignore if you don’t have but ensure you emphasize your business name by making the text a little bigger than other letterings on the bill.

2. Contact information in the work invoice sample

Next, include your contact information beneath your business name. At least, this section of your work invoice should contain your mailing address, phone number, email address, and website if available. Consider putting the details on several lines, as shown below:

Work Invoice Template Sample
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3. Client information in the work invoice sample

The next step is to specify the recipient of your work invoice, and you will do that by adding the client's contact information. These include email and mailing address, phone contact, and client website. 

4. Invoice number & date in the work invoice example

Generate a unique invoice number to track the document. This number should stay beneath all the contact information, and the date you create the document should be somewhere at the leftmost part of the bill.

5. Service break down & payment details in the work invoice template

List the service or work you performed and put the fees besides each of them. If you have rendered several services, it would be best you enter each on a different line or create a table for them with a brief description. 

6. Payment terms in the work invoice template

You can clarify your preferred payment options to the client – bank transfer, cash, credit card, or other methods like Paypal, Payoneer, etc. Besides, include your payment due date; it is a tactful way to ensure clients respond to the bill promptly. Common invoicing systems adopt 30-Days, 45-Days or 60 Days Net. Some professionals prefer the "due upon receipt" method; the due date is entirely your decision to make.



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