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Freelance video creatives have to find ways of convincing clients to fall in love with their businesses. Clients can display that love in many ways. Some of the clients will market your business without charging you anything. Others will pay whatever you charge and even give you a tip. Most of them will keep returning with new projects and more work. You can win their hearts, minds, and wallets with your video creative brief.

Video Creative Brief
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How can you do that?

1. Recognize their value with the video creative brief

It’s important to recognize the client’s value. Know how to calculate the value each client brings to your business. Do not ignore or despise any of the difficult clients either. It’s important for consultants to know how to deal with all clients, especially the problematic ones. They all bring intrinsic values to your business. They all enable the business to grow in different ways. The value you attach to your clients determines how much work you derive from each of them.

You only enjoy serving clients whose value to the consultancy you recognize.

2. Treat them well even before they give you business with the video creative brief

In many cases, freelancers design and share the video creative brief with clients. However, many times you would be required to submit it to people who aren’t already signed up as clients. For this reason, it’s important to treat them well from the word “go.” Do not wait until they walk into the office with their projects and payments to extend the hand of kindness and civility towards them.

How you treat clients before they become clients sets the tone for the rest of the relationship.

3. Manage expectations well with the video creative brief

How do you deal with customers’ expectations? Some of them will think of you highly. Others will be ready for whatever you have to offer based on the services they have grown accustomed to from other freelancers. It’s your duty to learn how to manage client expectations. Do this well, and you could be on your way to unrivaled success. Your consultancy could have several unhappy, frustrated and annoyed clients to deal with if you get it wrong.

Use the video creative brief to set the tone for managing client expectation effectively.

Video Creative Brief Sample
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4. Display your authenticity with the video creative brief

Be as authentic as you possibly can with all your freelance clients who rush to you for your famed video production skills. Consultants can learn to be authentic by striving to reach out to the client’s heart first. By focusing on enabling clients to grow, your consultancy would be on its way towards creating authentic relationships with them too. Convert the clients into a community of your biggest fans. Use the video creative brief to set the ball rolling in this regard.

5. Be an active listener and follow through with your plans with the video creative brief

Are you able to understand what the client requires? If not, then you need to listen carefully and actively. Start practicing active listening to boost your chances of impressing clients. This way, you earn the clients’ love. Clients who love you would be ready to stand with your consultancy through thick and thin. They will be around in all seasons thus protecting you from suffering unfavorable feast and famine seasons, which afflict most freelancers.

Can you see how effective the video creative brief is in your freelancer-client relationships? The brief holds the key to the level of success you need in your career moving forward. Earn the clients’ love and loyalty using this powerful yet simple tool. Impress clients with the level of attention you accord each of them and your freelance business would soar up high while your competitors struggle.

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