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As all freelancers know, the key to success in your industry or niche is not one. You need several keys. One of these is excellent communication. To most people, and this is not limited to, freelancers alone, communication works best in face-to-face meetings or sessions. After all, you have to match what the other person says with their body language.

However, in freelancing, that is not always the case. That is because the freelancer – depending on the industry or type of service offered – never meets with clients in person. In such instances, an additional tool such as a simple contract template would be quite effective at communicating your thoughts, dreams, goals, expectations, and fears.

Simple Contract Template
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1. Giving clients the right impression using a simple contract template

With a simple contract template, you learn one of the secrets of successful freelancing, that is, the importance of giving clients the right impression of your capabilities. As stated above, there is a high chance that you have not met – and will probably not meet – with your freelancing clients in person. Consequently, you have to find a different way of impressing them.

A well-drafted contract, which is based on the aforementioned template, is a powerful tool. It offers you a chance to mesmerize the client with information that shows you know what you are doing. The good news is you have all the time to fine-tune the contract until it stuns your clients into recruiting you to work on the project.

2. Demonstrates professionalism through a simple contract template

Ability to communicate properly is also a mark of unmatched professionalism. The fact that you work as a freelancer does not exempt you from being a true professional. Freelancers must be professional in everything. In this case, the simple contract template does not just make you a better communicator. It also tells clients that you value professionalism.

You cannot claim that you are a true professional freelancer if you are unable to demonstrate your actual capabilities. Fortunately, the template gives you the platform for doing just that. For this reason, make sure that you display everything that you can do and the timeframe needed to finish it on the contract. Let it speak for you!

3. Ability to write your simple contract template well

Communication is a demonstration of various other abilities and skills. For example, it shows your ability to put your points across well. More than that, it also demonstrates that you have no problem writing well. For the most part, you would be writing a contract that does not run into hundreds of pages. Therefore, put your points across concisely.

What are you waiting for? You should start learning from the simple contract template today. Use it to polish your contract-writing skills. That way, you would once again impress clients and blow them out of the water with your writing skills, even if the freelancing gig you want to do has nothing to do with writing.

Simple Contract Template Sample
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4. Fast response times with your simple contract sample

Lastly, freelancing clients need to know that they are hiring somebody who has no problem responding fast! In the 21st Century, freelancers who respond faster to their client's concerns have a huge advantage over their competition. Therefore, use the contract to communicate your plans for responding to all concerns raised.

Typically, you should not take longer than 24 hours to respond to emails. Calls need immediate attention, same with SMS. A good rule to abide by is to avoid keeping your clients waiting for your response forever. The more you reduce the response time, the stronger your relationships with the freelance clients grow.

As demonstrated above, you have no choice than to treat the contract as part of your essential freelancing tools. It is capable of propelling your freelancing career to greater levels of success than you previously imagined or aspired to. In freelancing as in life, success is not guaranteed. However, improve your chances with a simple contract template.



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