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Services Rendered Invoice Template

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Services Rendered Invoice TemplateServices Rendered Invoice TemplateServices Rendered Invoice Template

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Working as an independent contractor or running a firm that performs a specialized service means you'd need to keep track of your account receivables with a service invoice. As a service provider, the odds are that you have learned how to craft your invoices to request payment for services rendered. But you don't necessarily need to craft your services rendered invoice template by yourself if you don’t possess the skill. 

That you provide specialized service to clients doesn't mean you are an expert at all the day-to-day tasks associated with running your business. There are ready solutions you may deploy to take care of your billing letter for services rendered. These are digital solutions that provide ready templates in different formats, including Excel, Word, PDF, Google Sheets, and Google Docs.

Services Rendered Invoice Template
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Bonsai is an online platform that has different specialized services rendered invoice templates to make your billing quick and easy. There's also the option of building your custom plate from scratch on Bonsai's platform. With an intuitive interface and provision for flexible design, you are on your way to creating your unique receipt for services rendered on Bonsai's platform.

A services rendered invoice is an official document that represents your business. Hence, care must be taken when creating one, and it should not lack a touch of professionalism if you want it to perform its purpose while positively representing your business. See how to craft a professional invoice below. 

How to write a service rendered invoice template

A services rendered invoice template should provide clients with all the service details they need to make a payment. The document must itemize the service and provide a summary of the amount due, among other information. Invoices are important because they keep track of your account receivables and serve as record documents for tax seasons. If you need to build a services rendered invoice online or planned to create one from scratch, the following details will guide you on how to come up with a solid billing document.

1. Identify parties in your services rendered invoice sample

Place your business name at the top of the document; it portrays professionalism. Put your name if you don’t have a company name. Add your business statement underneath the business name, include your logo, contact address, email, and phone number. Also, add the details of your client (the bill–to party).

2. Invoice number & date in your services rendered invoice sample

Generate a unique customer number, also called invoicing number for your services rendered invoice. Each customer is meant to have a unique repeat set of invoicing numbers. Include the date you created the document and the duration of the services rendered.

Services Rendered Invoice Template Sample
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3. Service details in the services rendered invoice template

Next is the details of the services you provided a client. List and briefly describe the service rendered- Accounting, writing, landscaping, IT, photography as the case may be. You may create a table for this section or organize the service by date, but ensure the details are clear with each item on a line in your services rendered invoice. 

4. Cost in your services rendered invoice template

Include your fees for each service and remind your client about your billing model. It is not uncommon for service providers and independent contractors to charge hourly for their work. Add the cost model and include any other cost like tax or discount that would affect the total amount. Sum the record and emphasize the total.

5. Payment terms in the services rendered invoice template

This is the section of your receipt for services rendered to include preferred payment currency and method. Also, add your payment window like Net30 days; it is one discreet way to let clients know when you need them to pay. 

6. Note in the services rendered invoice template

A personal note isn’t a bad idea in your bill for consulting services. Add a thank you note or any other thing you wish to tell your client. It makes a difference and might seal a repeat contract in the future.



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Free Services Rendered Invoice Template

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