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Can I make a personal contract?

Yes, legal degree is not a requirement for creating personal contracts. It just needs all the elements that a legally binding contract needs. Good thing Bonsai has that covered with their free personal contract templates.

Are personal contracts legally binding?

For as long a your personal contracts has the important elements, it is legally binding. To save you the hassle, you can download Bonsai's free template. It has all the nitty-gritty legal jargons your contract needs.

Where can I find free personal contract templates?

Microsoft word and other softwares offer free personal contract templates. However, a template already curated by lawyers is available at Bonsai. It's easy to download, you just need t sign up and edit as you please.

What is a personal contract?

Every business has its peculiarities. As a freelancer, there is probably one primary type of job you carry out for your clients. Every time you have a job, you have to create a contract template for the benefit of you and your client. The contracts are often similar since you are doing the same thing, only for a different person with probably a few different details.

Creating contracts can get repetitive; that is why it is good to create a personal contract template. This template ensures that you don’t have to create a contract from scratch every time you have a job. This advantage is enough for any freelancer to get to writing one. But, there are more benefits, and we have outlined for you below.

Personal Contract Template
Image Credits: sampletemplates.com

The advantages of a personal contract template

You can get a contract template by doing a quick search on any search engine. However, not all contract templates will suit your business or the need you have then. You might have to check out several templates before you find one that comes close to what you need. Sometimes, you never find one that fits, so you spend time tweaking the one that comes close to match your needs. 

What should be included in a personal contract template?

A personal contract template saves you this trouble as you have already modified it for your needs. Other benefits you gain when you have this kind of contract template are;

1. The personal contract template is simpler and more efficient

A personal contract template makes the process of writing a professional contract easy. It also ensures the efficiency of your agreement. Without the template, you might be stuck trying to remember all the details of your previous arrangements. You would most likely forget a detail or two and never realize it until you find your old contracts. You can save yourself all the stress and get a high-grade professional contract by using a dedicated template.

2. The personal contract template saves cost and time

It is easy to see how a personal template saves you the time spent in drawing up a contract from the first word. However, you might not see how it helps you save money until you consider this scenario. You use a freelancer contract management software that charges you for every template you use. Instead of paying these charges all the time, you can create a personal contract template that you can use for your business. 

Personal Contract Template Sample
Image Credits: picsora.com

What are the essentials of a personal contract?

A brand is more than a name. It is a particular culture and statement that you have to maintain. A personal contract template is one of the measures you can implement to ensure your clients associate you with a particular standard. It provides proper formatting and order. You can guarantee that your contact information is where it should be, along with other essential details. 

4. Satisfy your customers in the personal contract sample

The customer is king, even when you are a freelancer. When your contract has a professional structure, your client will not easily find something wrong with it that will delay the business transaction. You will also get more jobs from customers who are satisfied with every process of your freelancing. Another advantage you would get from a personalized contract template is protection. If a fraud tries to contact your clients, they would quickly recognize that the contract does not follow your pattern. 

A personal template for your contracts can do a lot of good for your freelance business. Are you wondering how you could go about it? You can form your contract template on contract management platforms like Bonsai.

Personal Contract Template

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