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NDA Sample Agreement

Technological advancement experienced in recent years is tremendous. There is no industry in the world that technology has not impacted positively. Though there is an argument that with its great impact came great risks, but this does not outweigh the wonderful possibilities that it brought to the world in general.

In the legal world today, NDA sample agreement can be created online, platforms that allow this begins by giving you a choice to select the relationship between the parties involves. Relationships range from employment to invention to purchase or sales and other forms of relationships that relate to you as a freelancer. The receiving and disclosing parties can be freelancers, consultants, companies or individuals.

NDA sample agreement is a legal binding document that protects private and confidential information. Some of the other names that non-disclosure agreements can be referred to be:

  • Confidentiality Agreement (CA)
  • Secrecy Agreement (SA)
  • Proprietary Information Agreement (PIA)
  • Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA)

Forms of NDAs

All successful enterprises, whether small or international businesses need to protect their trade secrets so that they can continue to thrive. The right NDA sample agreement will help your business to keep its uniqueness and relevance in business. See the different scenarios of NDA which require NDA.

1. Employee NDA

This is to forbid your employees from disclosing sensitive business information to competitors. Some companies make employee NDA a standard for all of their employees, and you be required to sign it as a freelancer or consultant that wants to undertake a project for such an employee.

2. Inventor DNA

This is used to protect inventions that have not been patented. In cases when necessary to disclose such trade secrets to family members, investors, engineers, or business partners, this legally binding document helps to protect such information.

3. Interview NDA

This NDA sample agreement is used to attract high-level employees when interviewing them for a role. This is always signed before the job interview, and when necessary, that such information must be revealed.

4. Trade Secret NDA

Trade secrets involve practices, unique formulas, software, instruments, technical designs, customer lists, and blueprints. Consultants are responsible for the secrecy of trade secrets shared with them to complete a project for an employee or business.

5. Real Estate NDA

This protects the personal information and finances of the seller, buyer, broker, and anyone else involved in the property transaction.

Unilateral vs Mutual NDAs

These are the two main types of NDAs – the unilateral and the mutual non-disclosure agreements, and there are online tools that create both types of NDAs.

1. Unilateral NDAs

In this type of NDA, information is shared in one direction. Only one party shares valuable information, and only one party agrees to protect the information. This is often applicable to freelancers who are at the receiving end and takes the responsibility of keeping shared information confidential. Another example is an inventor pitching his idea to a potential investor.

2. Mutual NDAs

Both parties can disclose and receive information, and both of them promise to protect the information. An example is two CEOs becoming business partners, to do this safely, both of them must sign a mutual NDA so that they can share sensitive financial information without fear. Freelancers and consultants may also use mutual NDAs to protect their work and innovations when they work with clients.


Common clauses like Joint Venture Agreements, Employment Contracts, Freelance Contracts, Non-compete Agreements, Independent contractor Agreements perform similar functions like a standalone non-disclosure agreement. In general, the NDA sample agreement will let you know what to expect doing while working with your clients and protecting their trade secrets even as you protect yours as freelancers & consultants.

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NDA Sample Agreement

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NDA Sample Agreement

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