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Marketing Scope of Work

Marketing - the word by itself is vast and expansive. It contains a series of activities, right from formulating of business ideas to realizing the fatter profits - all of which can be captured in a marketing scope of work template. Further, with lines between goods and services blurring, and businesses making their presence felt over digital platforms, marketing has also undergone several changes. It offers flexibility while also paying much more than an average salary, making it an attractive career option.

Whether you are working from home or from an office setup, it is essential that you write a clear scope of work document while starting your career as a marketer. The marketing scope of work is a document that lays the foundation for the success of a project and ensures that all the players are on the same page.

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1. Importance of a marketing scope of work

Drafting and finalizing the scope of work document is the first step towards building a long and lasting working relationship. It is a reflection of your work ethics and of the services that you can offer a client. A poorly written scope of work could leave room for ambiguity, which may not only hurt your business but also result in losses.

Most importantly, it clearly outlines the expectations, roles, and responsibilities that are mutually agreed upon by you and your client. It also ensures that you are duly compensated for all the work and that you don't go beyond the scope of the work assigned to you.

Basically, writing all the expectations and deliverables on paper defines the expectations without leaving space for misunderstandings.

2. Elements of a marketing scope of work

Ideally, a marketing scope of work document will contain:

  1. Objective or purpose
  2. Scope of work
  3. Timeline
  4. Pricing and payment
  5. Key assumptions
  6. Signatures

Among these, every element is similar to a standard scope of work document. However, it is the “scope of work” with respect to marketing that truly helps to write a solid marketing scope of work document.

3. Understanding the marketing scope of work

Before you get started on writing the marketing scope of work, it is essential that you first understand the various aspects of marketing that define its scope. Initially, marketing was limited to buying and selling of goods and services.

However, in the current scenario, it goes beyond the display of your wares and covers the following subject matters:

3.1. Product and service-centered marketing

Products and services form the basic building block of marketing. Naturally, if you have no product or service, what will you market? This branch of marketing deals with the nature and type of product, its design and quality, branding and labeling of products, product pricing, and other facets of product development cycles.

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3.2. Marketing research

Analyzing the business environment is a prerequisite for the marketing of products online. Marketers will be required to analyse the nature and type of clients, market size, customer demographics and their corresponding attitudes, buyer behavior, and more. You can conduct a SWOT analysis to understand how well your product may perform in the prevailing conditions.

3.3. Distribution channel research

The channel of distribution is defined by the pathway through which the product or service makes its way to the end-user. Deciding on the online or offline modes, social media, intermediary levels, and suitable distribution channels could enhance or shrink the reach of your offering.

For physical distribution channels, aspects like warehousing, stock-keeping, inventory management, order processing, and transportation also have to be managed by marketers.

3.4. Promotional marketing

The promotion of your product or service forms an essential part of your marketing efforts. It employs tools like advertising, personal selling, public relations, publicity, sales promotion, etc. Promotional marketing deals with creating a buzz around the product. Once the awareness has been disseminated, the demand for it will automatically rise.

Once you have written a marketing scope of work document, review and edit it until it rests on the pillar of being reasonable. The perfect marketing scope of work document is the foundation for the building of binding service contracts. Hence, it is strongly advised to create one that is built to last.

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Marketing Scope of Work

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Marketing Scope of Work

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