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Electronic Contract Template
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What is an electronic contract?

Are you tired of all the time and stress it takes to craft and get your freelancing contracts signed by your clients? Contracts ensure a full understanding of the work scope and the relationship between you and your client. However, the traditional process of creating, correcting, printing, and sending the paper documents to your clients can slow down your workflow and cause unnecessary stress.

You can achieve higher speed and productivity by using an electronic contract template. You might want to ask if contracts with e-signatures are legally binding. It will interest you to know that with the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (E-Sign Act), you don’t have to worry about the validity of your electronic contracts. The law provided a general validity rule for electronic contracts. 

electronic contract template sample
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Benefits of electronic contract template for freelancers 

Electronic contracts have become quite popular in several countries and the business environment. With a click of your mouse, you and your client can enter into a legally binding agreement. In due time, the technology stands to replace paper and ink contracts. For the freelancer or consultant, there are several advantages to having an electronic contract template. Some of the benefits are:

What should be included in an electronic contract template?

Traditional paper and ink contracts tend to have human errors with the possibility of doctored content or signatures. Electronic contracts counter this problem with the access both you and your clients can have to the document simultaneously. Both parties partake in the process of developing the contract, ensuring mutually beneficial terms. Signatures and data also remain consistent as one entry can be used to populate several fields.

2. The electronic contract template aid proper management

According to the International Association for Contract and Commercial Management, businesses lose up to 9% of their revenue every year to poor contract management. With electronic contracts, you can eliminate this loss as its features help you manage your contracts well. Your contracts won't get lost or damaged, and you can always refer to them when necessary. You also cut back on the operational costs of the office supplies and equipment needed for paper contracts.

How to create an electronic contract?

Electronic contracts allow you to integrate with other CRMs. An electronic contract template software offers API functions and integration procedures. Your customers can smoothly proceed from signing the contract to a payment platform or any other CRM software of choice. This functionality helps you carry out faster business transactions with your clients. Integration also helps reduce your tasks as your input won’t be necessary at every step.

Electronic Contract Template Sample
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4. The electronic contract template offer more security

Your paper documents can be tampered with during the signing or submission. A manipulated contract can be rendered invalid, which can place you at a disadvantage. Electronic contracts software have capabilities that make it hard for a client to alter a finalized agreement. Features like limited access, tracking and recording, encryption, and detection help protect your interest as a freelancer.

5. The electronic contract template help you serve your clients better.

Every freelancer knows that the key to retaining your clients is to offer better service. Electronic contracts can help you achieve that goal. The auto-fill feature and easy access from any device make it perfect for clients who want convenience and speed. Your customers don’t have to wait a long time for the mail when you use an electronic contract template. When your clients find it easy to hire you, you are more likely to get more work.

Now, you know why you need an electronic contract as a freelancer or consultant. You don’t have to spend your time creating this contract over and over again, though. With electronic contract software, you can use any of the freelance contract templates. An electronic contract template will help you save time, stress, and money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about this template.

Where can I get free contract templates?

Bonsai has a large library of contract templates you can use to kick start an agreement with a client--including an electronic one. Our templates are reviewed by lawyers and are free to customize and download.

Does Google Docs have a contract template?

You can create your own contract on a document--but be careful. If they are not looked at by a lawyer, this can mean trouble down the line. Try Bonsai's contract templates as they are written/reviewed by attorneys and they are free to edit/download.

Can I create my own contract?

You can create your own contract on a document--but be careful. If they are not looked at by a lawyer, this can mean trouble down the line. Try Bonsai's contract templates as they are written/reviewed by attorneys and they are free to edit/download.