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Setting a fee rate marks a critical step in establishing how potential clients view your service. However, establishing and negotiating designer rates often plagues independent contractors. As stated in this article, taking some standpoints eases this task.

Kill That Gilt

Most often, certain freelancers retort to undercharging clients and quoting low fees to get gigs. This is irrespective of their dissatisfaction with resulting payments compared to work they put in. This leads to gilt feels.

Do not allow this guilt to plague your work. Think in terms of attaining a win-win situation with your clients. A client must not remain the only winner. Fix a rate comparable to your skill set and experience and walk away for those deals falling below this rate.

Believe In Your Work

Find out and determine your worth for your services. Discover what your clients will get from your product. Find out what uniqueness rests in your service. Establish how different it is from what your market has to offer. If your results and achievements occupy a relatively long list, then it is time to renegotiate your designer rates upwards, according to point number two here.

Go Out and Meet People

The preparations for interviews and pitching for gigs calls for careful preparation. With time, you will come to discover talents and uniqueness you did not know you had. Interaction with other professionals within the industry allows you to discover new ways of doing things. It also allows you to discover your weak points and ways to remedy this.

Impress Your Clients with Your Achievements

Before you make changes to your designer gig fees, let your customers see what you have achieved. Let them find out your new talents. Show them how they will benefit from your achievements and talents. That way, you will have little resistance and disgruntlement once you adjust your rates upwards.

Results Not Numbers

Before you can even begin to put a price on what you have to offer, you must understand what value you would give a client. Clients will come to you because they are looking for something they do not have. They will look for a freelancer who will create a solution for their problem at an affordable rate. In this regard, your talents, experience, and service delivery must stand out from what your peers have to offer.

Should you excel in these parameters; clients will hire you despite your rates being higher than what the market has to offer according to point number 5 here.