Top 10 Harvest alternatives in 2024

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Updated on:
November 28, 2023
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Quiz: What is the best Harvest alternative for your business?

Answer the following questions to assess which Harvest alternative is best for your business.

    Harvest is one of freelancer’s most important tools. What does it do? It helps them track time, which is essential for evaluating productivity or lack thereof. It captures data on how freelancers spend their time. This way, freelancers can deliver projects on time without going beyond the set deadlines. In the end, this tool helps freelancers to guarantee customer satisfaction and avoid the numerous distractions that often threaten their productivity.

    Harvest time tracking tool
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    However, is there a better Harvest alternative that freelancers should consider? Yes, there is!

    #1. bonsai

    Bonsai is a powerful alternative to Harvest. It is a one-stop shop for any freelancer who needs a powerful tool for time tracking, invoicing, proposals and contracts. This app makes your work that much easier. What is more, it has the sort of features that you need to be an effective consultant regardless of your niche. With this tool, you will streamline all the processes that initially given you a torrid time in the past thus making you a more efficient freelancer.

    Bonsai offers a bunch of tools like our freelancer tax calculator and free mileage log template.


    Time Doctor is one of the most effective alternatives. The tool does three tasks remarkably well. First, it helps freelancers to keep track of time. Two, it helps with project management. Three, it helps freelancers who wish to excel at project reporting too. Project management has to be done right through all the four different phases. Otherwise, the freelancers would find themselves facing a new set of problems.


    Hours is the ideal Harvest alternative for freelancers who don’t want a tool with multiple features that only cause more confusion. It has a simple interface. More importantly, its visual timeline remains one of the tool’s most critical time trackers. The fact that freelancers can track time in real-time is an added advantage and yet one more reason for opting for this alternative. Other benefits that freelancers enjoy by using this time tracking software include:

    • Smart reporting
    • Editing timelines
    • Tracking time for an entire team
    • Smart reminders


    This web-based time tracking tool has amazing features, which make it a great Harvest alternative. Employees working under the freelancers can clock in and out easily with this app. It makes the work of monitoring progress that much easier for freelancers and their teams. Remarkably, freelancers can access it and use it for tracking time – and evaluating productivity – from any device of their choosing too!


    Freelancers can also stay on top of all that’s happening within their businesses with the help of a calendar. That’s what they get from Timely, which is an equally effective Harvest alternative. This software relies on your calendar to keep track of time. However, you need to connect it to Google Calendar, Outlook or Office365. The biggest advantage of using it is it provides you with all information regarding your schedule and time tracking under one roof for convenience!


    Most of the alternatives listed above are for freelancers who work with teams. Tyme is a different one in that it is designed specifically for the freelancer who operates alone. Tyme allows freelancers to keep an accurate record of their time tracking information for taxation. It’s not limited to tracking time alone, though. It can track miles and fixed costs too. It offers you incredible insight into your time budget and workload to avoid burnout or stress at work.  

    Tyme also provides forecast information while reminding you of deadlines.


    Journyx’s place as a suitable Harvest alternative is down to the fact that freelancers can access it via their mobile devices. Apart from that, the software is also easy to integrate with some of the most common software used in freelancing businesses such as QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics, and other payroll systems. It also integrates seamlessly with automated billing. It is easy to use and customize depending on the size and needs of your freelance operations.

    Therefore, there is no shortage of Harvest alternatives for freelancers interested in trying something different. Harvest performs remarkably well, but that doesn’t make it short of a few hiccups. Your choice of the best alternative depends on the size and needs of your consultancy. Each alternative has unique features and benefits that make them worth using instead of Harvest too.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Is harvest time tracking free?

    Harvest does NOT have a free version. However, they do offer a 30-day free trial with all of the features. You could also try Bonsai's tools for 14-days at no cost. You'll get access to invoice, proposal, task management, contract tools.

    Is Harvest a CRM?

    Harvest is an excellent CRM and project management solution in one for your company. You can keep track of your time using common project management applications and your browser.

    Is Harvest a good app?

    Harvest is a good app for time-tracking, task management, and expensing tools. However, Bonsai is the all-in-one freelancer tool software that can help you take the headache away from invoices, contracts, task management, and proposals. Try it today at no cost.

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