Freelance On-boarding Solution
Streamline your Contractors On-Boarding and Ensure Compliance
The best teams use Bonsai every day to ..
  • Save time
  • Accelerate On-boarding
  • Ensure Compliance
  • Build Visibility
Freelancer Portal
Automated On-Boarding
Streamline your contractors on-boarding with custom and automated checklist ahead of their first day. Engage freelancers with fully customisable welcome programs.
Automated W9 collection
Ensure compliance and save time with automated W9 collection, reminders and verification. Secured storage and easy export for tax season.
Contracts & E-signing
Build & send custom contracts for any project and freelancer with integrated e-signing and reminders. Ensure internal compliance and stellar experience for your new freelancers.
Advanced Reporting
Build report and analyse data on contractor information, work history and payments. Stay up to date with your freelance workforce activity and never forget an off-boarding.
Freelancer Portal
Offer free lifetime access to contracts, legal documents and work history to all your freelancers directly in the best freelancing solution available.
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