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After knowing how to get into consulting business, the next thing you need to know is how to create a marketing consultant contract. A marketing consultant contract or marketing consultant agreement PDF is a legal agreement between the marketer and the firm that is contracting the freelance marketer. The document illustrates how the project is handled, and how involved parties will work together. The idea of having the contract in writing is to ensure that the professional tone is set to provide a smooth working relationship.

A template is merely a pre-set example or guideline that gives a vivid illustration of how the document should be structured. Thus, a marketing consultant contract template is a pre-defined document that outlines the details your marketing consultant agreement PDF should contain.

Marketing Consultant Agreement Template
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1. Why get a consultant agreement template?

Scattered contracts are all over the place, creating challenges where their business is concerned. Efficient contract management involves the use of centralized libraries of pre-approved clauses, and these will form the skeleton of your marketing consultant contract template. A marketing consultant contract allows you to include all the necessary details in the correct order, ensuring that you end up with a professional and reliable document. The marketing consultant agreement PDF will cover features like:

  • Goals
  • Objectives
  • Budget and timelines
  • All costs involved
  • Legal entities involved
  • Leeway for opting out of the project, and consequences of non-performance on the part of the contractor (marketer)

These details are not conclusive, but clearly, they are not something the average personal assistant can draft without going through tonnes of material to get it right.

2. Benefits of a marketing consultant agreement PDF

There are several benefits of using a model instead of typing every detail from scratch. The most obvious one is that it saves small businesses time and money that is spent if a person was to be contracted to prepare the documents. Also, it allows the business owners to have a clear understanding of what the marketing consultant agreement PDF should contain by giving clearly defined outlines. Templates act as information skeletons whereby interested parties fill in the details based on the uniqueness of the particular organization and its marketing needs.

Marketing Consultant Agreement Template Sample
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3. There are other more technical benefits for using a marketing consultant agreement template

Here are some technical aspects which you should consider when drafting your marketing consultant agreement template.

3.1. A marketing consultant contract allows you to define the scope of work the contract will cover

The model is not tailored for your particular business but gives you a general directive on how the scope of work is outlined, the respective duties of each party, the time taken to complete the project and so much more. Templates also help you to cover all aspects of the contract, helping avoid the disappointments that come with misplaced expectations. Typically, the scope of such details seem daunting for anyone preparing the document from scratch; thus the marketing consultant agreement PDF becomes a viable tool.

3.2. The marketing consultant contract will go beyond getting the ‘legal language' correct, as it helps define the responsibilities and expectations of both parties

Leaving out this clause can cause a myriad of complications further down the line since the contract will not be a sufficient tool in case of disagreements. Thankfully, most contract templates will contain the legal language (popularly called "legalese") thus giving the final document the professional feel all contracts require. While a lawyer is needed as a witness, you can create the contract without requiring a legal assistant to draft the document. A template works within a pre-defined contract language, whose clauses and terms usually are covered by a CLM application which the manager can use to localize the document. This process allows for faster contract revision.

3.3. A marketing consultant contract will cover one area almost everyone forgets about – guarantees!

How is the success measured? Your marketing consultant contract should give a general scope on how successful performance is measured. Most templates allow the option of tweaking the details in that penalties are spelled out in case of poor marketing jobs, or how much should the client expect from the marketer. Marketing consultant contract templates will also allow room for the entities to define what a successful project is, and what defines a milestone.

In essence, a marketing consultant agreement PDF will solve the problem of having to deal with scattered contracts that continuously require revisions, using up valuable time and money. A marketing consultant contract template will address all the above-defined issues while allowing you to generate a well-structured document.

4. How to create an independent consultant agreement template

As an independent consultant, you should know the importance of entering into a independent consultant agreement before starting work for a client. Being a freelancer has a lot of steps and keeping a draft contract or template is one of them.

Since you will be performing the same kind of services for various clients, you should consider having a draft contract in place that you can use with each of your clients. A independent consultant agreement is a template that has all the standard clauses and terms and conditions in place. 

You can use the it to enter into negotiations with your client. Once you and your client agree to the same terms, you can make changes to the draft contract and make it your final contract. This final contract just needs to be signed by you and your client on stamp paper to make it legally binding.

While making your independent consultant agreement, you should ensure that it has all the clauses that you might need. You should tailor all the clauses to make sure they suit you and are terms that you would be happy to work under. 

Here are the major reasons why having a independent consultant agreement in place is essential. While it’s exciting to have a variety of work, it’s important to manage the contract aspects of the relationship as well.

A consulting contract is one that’s made between a freelance consultant and their client, detailing the terms of their working arrangement. It should cover the nature of the project, the desired outcomes, how long the project will last, key milestones, and payment details, among other things.

This type of contract is often used by businesses engaging outside experts to deliver specialist services or provide expert advice. But they can (and should) also be used by freelance consultants entering into an agreement on their own terms. Here we take a look at these contracts from the freelancer’s point of view.

If you render any form of consulting service to clients, you won’t escape the part of drafting a contract to execute projects. Sooner or later, you’d have clients that propose a project and request a contract before giving you the final green light. Hence, it would help if you thought about getting a simple consulting contract template to avoid a rush work of crafting one when the need arises.

Consulting contracts simply define the business relationship between you and a client. More often than not, the document describes the work to be done, the roles of the parties involved, and their expectations.  

Expectations in a consulting contract may include the goals and objectives, dates of milestones, compensation, among others. A simple consulting contract template becomes binding once discussed with a prospective client and reaches an agreement on the work to be done, the scope, timeline, and cost. A contract is legal and enforceable once you and a client commit to it by appending your signatures to it.

Handshakes do seal business deals, and you might have had projects you completed without glitch this way.

But if you don’t have a signed agreement in place, you might be putting yourself and your business at risk. Today, consultants need to define business relationships and set boundaries for their consulting services to be on the safe side. Hence, the need for a consulting contract sample that would define terms for new business deals and specify the roles of the parties involved.

Writing a consulting contract may pose a challenge if you are yet to understand the basic elements that the document should contain. We would take you through the essentials of a typical consulting contract sample in this article.

Some consultants and freelance contractors may still get business deals settled through word of mouth plus a handshake. Yet, without a solid consultant agreement form signed by both parties, you may be putting yourself and your business at risk as a consultant. A consultant, contractor, or freelancer needs an agreement form in carrying in providing professional services or advice to clients or companies in exchange for monetary compensation in the gig economy.

A consultant often has an area of specialization in a particular industry, be it engineering, human resources, accounting marketing, etc. Using a consultant agreement form to seal business deals is a safe business practice for consultants and freelancers. An agreement is a written contract that outlines the proposed services of a consultant. It also states the terms and conditions of work between a client and a consultant.

What should you include in a consultant agreement form?

Many independent contractors and consultants significantly underestimate the power of a consultant agreement form while others are unsure of what the document need covers. That is why we’ll be providing you with the ultimate guide to consultant agreement writing and what it must cover. Every consultant agreement form must answer the following questions:

  • What happens if a client wants to include additional work to the project at the mid level?
  • What happens if a client decides to pull out of the project?
  • Should the contract distinguish between a one-off set up or ongoing service?

The above questions and many more about payment should be included in an ideal consultant agreement form to protect the interest of both clients and consultants or freelancers. See critical information that must not be missing in your agreement form.

That means having an effective consulting agreement for each client. While you want to be able to customize agreements for each customer and each consulting job, there are benefits to having consistency in your agreements.

Marketing Consultant Agreement Template Sample PDF
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Consultants perform professional services for businesses and organizations. Before clients hire a consultant, they often go through the contracts and proposal of a consultant to see if the contents align with their goal. You've agreed with a client on helping them with your consulting service.

There you are thinking about how to craft a consulting contract example or looking for a sample to download. The first thing that comes to mind is probably visiting Google to get a guide or look for an editable sample to tailor towards the deal you have on the ground. Although that may land in success, you might end up coming up with a vague document if you have no idea of the essentials of a contract.  

Many consultants stay ahead of their competition because they have solid contracts to help manage their jobs. A solid consulting contract example would not only make clients give you the go-ahead on a project, but it would also protect you from unwarranted liabilities. Besides, a well thought consulting contract will help you keep track of a project and serve as another record document. 

4.1. Make sure you have a consulting agreement template

Perhaps you have a close relationship with the client and think you can do work for them based on a handshake. Or maybe you’ve done work in the past and believe you can simply replicate that work.

But an agreement is an essential part of any freelance business, because it provides protection for you and your client.

An agreement forms a contract in which you are exchanging your consulting expertise for money. It doesn’t matter if the job is short or long, and the money exchanged will be small or large. You have to protect yourself with an agreement that ensures you have legal documentation and will get paid. Check out our guide on how to bill for consulting services to learn more about this.

A solid consulting agreement also outlines the work that will be done, which helps to prevent scope creep. Once you complete the work, you should be paid.

4.2. Use your own consulting agreement template

There will be instances when clients will offer their agreement as the basis for work, but try to use your own agreement template whenever possible. This helps ensure you are familiar with the details and your interests will be covered.

If you do have to use the agreement of a client, be sure you understand the entire document. Ask questions if necessary. And be sure the clauses that are important to you are included, such as late payment terms, or sign-off procedures. Offer to send the relevant clauses from your consulting agreement to be added to their document.

The more you understand and are involved with your contracts and accounting procedures, the more you will be able to take on new opportunities and appear as a professional, established business person.

4.3. Create a consulting agreement

It’s therefore important that you create a template for a consulting agreement, so that you’re prepared to take on work immediately. 

If you need to, work through legal and payment clauses with the advice of a lawyer and/or accountant, so that you have those details nailed down and you’re ready to take on clients.

Marketing Consultant Agreement Template Example PDF
Image credits:

4.4. Include basic information in the consulting agreement template

Every consulting agreement should contain basic information, which means you can develop a template.

The information you can build into every consulting agreement includes:

  • Your name and business name
  • The name and title of the client, including business name and the individual who is your key contact
  • Payment terms, including terms for late payment
  • Page numbers, preventing either party from adding to the agreement

4.5. Build in work-specific details into the consulting contract template

For each consulting agreement, there will be sections specific to the job for which you’ve been contracted. 

That includes:

  • A section for the work objectives 
  • A detailed description of the tasks to be completed
  • A list of your responsibilities, including any milestones
  • Any tasks that must be completed by the client
  • The timelines for the work, including start and end day and any milestone dates
  • The fees for the work
  • Any expenses that will need to be covered
  • Deadline for payment of fees

Details of the work that form the basis of the agreement are usually taken from a proposal, meetings with the client, presentations you’ve made to the client, and/or requests for proposals that the client has prepared.

4.6. Add relevant legal details to the consultant contract template

Depending on the type of consulting work your freelance business is involved in, there can be other legal details that need to be included.

Here are some examples.

4.6.1. Terms of termination

By either party, which means the contract ending before the conclusion of the work. Terms usually involve one of the parties providing sufficient notice to the party, details of the length of the notice, and any payment involved for early termination. Often there are also terms related to breach of contract.

4.6.2. A subcontracting clause

in which you agree not to subcontract any of the work; alternatively, if it has been agreed upon, the clause may allow for subcontracting part of the work. If desired, that work can be included as well as the individual or business that will handle it.

4.6.3. A confidentiality clause

In which the you as the consultant agrees to keep the company’s information confidential, and the company agrees to keep any of your proprietary information confidential. 

4.6.4. A non-compete clause

In which you agree that you won’t enter into work with your client’s competition or businesses that are similar to the client’s business. There is usually a term that could be for the length of the agreement or for a set period of time after the conclusion of the agreement.

4.6.5. An intellectual property statement

Clearly defining who owns the work or the rights to the work at the conclusion of the agreement. Usually the client will own the intellectual property, but you may be able to include a clause that allows you to use some of the work as a reference or in your consulting portfolio.

4.7. Sign off on the agreement

Any consulting agreement needs to have a way to sign off on the agreement itself. That can be done electronically in some instances, or through an in-person meeting in which each party signs the agreement.

There can also be clauses in which the parties sign off at various points in the work, such as significant milestones when you review the work with the client and each of you sign off on the milestone. 

A consulting freelance business means you’re usually managing relationships with several clients at once.

4.8. Before you write, use the consulting contract example

You should determine if there is a need for the contract before starting to create it.  A contract is a legally binding document, and it defines the business relationship between a consultant and a client.

The following requirements you should consider before writing a consulting contract example:

  • See if there is an offer
  • Is there a valid consideration from both parties
  • Do you accept the offers?
  • Is there mutual consent?
  • See if the terms you need to work with comply with the state laws.

4.9. What should a consulting contract example contain?

Depending on the scope, there may be a few or more sections in a contract. But the information in a contract must be detailed with just enough information to complete the project successfully. See the essential elements of a consulting contract example.

4.9.1. Basic information

Basic information includes the title of the contract and the parties in the agreement. Details of participants include business name, address, email, phone contact, and website of parties if applicable. 

4.9.2. Scope of work

Give a detailed description of the consulting service you are being hired to render. Describe the problem of the client, state the goals and objectives of the project. In this section, ensure you use the words of the client to describe the pain point to show you listen adequately.

Also, include your strategy in the consulting contract example and paint a picture of what your client gets after you complete the project. Don’t forget to list the benefits of your project to the client. 

4.9.3. Compensation 

Compensation is an essential part of every contract. Give a breakdown of your services and put the cost of each service. List other costs such as material, maintenance, and other expenses.

4.9.4. Conditions for termination 

Unfortunately, not every project will be completed without a glitch. It is important to prepare for premature termination or withdrawal of a party by adding a clause to your consulting contract example.

4.9.5. Timeline 

Define the start date of the consulting service and break down your work into discrete tasks. You may set milestones for each activity to help manage and track work progress. 

4.9.6. Terms and conditions 

Remember to add your terms and conditions that have not been covered in other sections of your consulting contract example. This may include payment method and date, up-front fees, etc. 

4.9.7. Liabilities and ownership rights 

Limit your liabilities as you perform your duties by making it clear in the document. Is there insurance cover, have you defined ownership of intellectual properties? This section takes care of such and protects you as a consultant.

Consultant Contract Template PDF
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4.10. Why do you need a consulting contract?

A clearly defined consulting contract allows you to plot milestones with ease, get to grips with your cash flow, and quickly clear up minor misunderstandings before they snowball and derail the project.

And if those misunderstandings do get out of hand, your contract offers protection from project killers, like fundamental disagreements over direction, or the dreaded ‘scope creep’. 

But perhaps most importantly, it provides a solid framework around which you can manage every single aspect of the project and your working relationship.

So, it’s vitally important that the agreement you put together contains the right information and the right amount of detail to support and protect you. 

4.11. What should you include in your consultant contract template?

At a minimum, your consulting contract should include the following information:

  • What you are being hired to do (in as much detail as possible). You may wish to include what you’re NOT being hired to do also, so as to clearly define your role and responsibilities.
  • The length of the agreement. Is it a fixed term, a one-off project, or open-ended?
  • Frequency, amount and manner of payment. Are you being paid a flat fee, an hourly rate, a retainer fee? How much? How often? When is it due?
  • How your expenses are handled. Do you need to submit receipts? Will they cover mileage? Leave nothing to chance.
  • ‍Who owns the intellectual property created under the terms of the contract. This is particularly important, and if not made painstakingly clear in the contract, it can lead to litigation.

These are the non-negotiables. Your contract MUST include this info. And if the above make up the bones of a consulting agreement, our tips below add the meat.

Consultant Agreement Template
Image credits:

4.12. Creating a solid consulting contract template

Keep on reading to discover the 5-step recipe for creating a bullet-proof consulting contract.

4.12.1. Keep it simple (language of the consulting agreement template)

In order for this contract to work for both you and your client, it must be written in a language that you both understand. In other words: Keep It Simple! 

There’s no point trying to shoehorn legal terms into the document or choosing a contract template covered in jargon if neither of you actually understand what you’re signing. Especially when some of those terms take on a very specific meaning where the law is concerned. 

When creating your contract, simply use plain English, make sure each obligation is clearly catered for, and avoid ambiguous language where possible (more on that below). In fact, taking this approach allows you to create a document that functions as a “business enabler” rather than an obstacle.

4.12.2. But not too simple (details of the consulting agreement template)

While it’s important to have a contract that’s easy to understand, that doesn’t mean it can be light on detail. More often than not, contracts are breached because of a lack of detail, or because the words written were open to interpretation. 

For instance, if, as part of your consultancy service, you provide your client with a monthly report, you should clearly state when and how this report will be delivered to avoid any ambiguity. I.e. “on the 27th of every month via email” and not “at the end of the month”.

4.12.3. Guard your secrets (confidentiality in your consulting agreement template) 

As a freelance consultant, you’re being hired for your skill, experience and know-how. You’ve honed this knowledge over many years, and chances are you’ve developed your own processes and systems to get the job done. 

Your contract can help you protect your most guarded trade secrets by making provisions for confidentiality. It should prevent your client from disclosing your strategies, particularly if doing so is likely to be detrimental to your business.

What’s more, the contract should also forbid your client from disclosing the details of your contract, such as how much you are being paid, for example. Speaking of which… 

4.12.4. Get what you’re owed (cover payment in your consulting agreement template)

We’ve already mentioned above that info relating to payment is a non-negotiable in a contract, but when it’s your livelihood at stake, it bears repeating. 

You absolutely cannot leave getting paid (and paid on time) to chance. There’s no room for ambiguity or interpretation when it comes to this part of a consulting contract.  

The contract must clearly stipulate how much you are being paid, how you are being paid (i.e. a percentage up-front and the rest on delivery), and the method of payment you prefer. You should also include details regarding late payment, non-payment, and any penalties attached. 

4.12.5. Have a way to walk away (mention termination in the consulting contract template)

One way or another, a contract needs to come to an end. In an ideal world, it’s because you’ve completed the work on time and to a satisfactory standard. 

However, as experienced freelance consultants will attest, we’re not always working in an ideal world, and sometimes, things go wrong. If your client does not hold up their end of the bargain, your contract should contain a section that allows you to legally terminate the agreement. 

Within any termination clause, you should also clearly define what happens to any payment received, or any payment outstanding. For example, if you’ve received an up-front deposit, and the client then changes their mind about the project, your contract can state that in such a scenario, you get to keep the money. Of course, in return, they’ll want language included that states that they have the money returned if you fail to deliver or renege on the contract.  

And you may also wish to include a notice period allowing you to end the agreement should you be faced with a personal situation outside of your control, such as a bereavement or ill-health.

By including this information and following these tips, your freelance consulting contract will be ready to roll in no time. 

Consultant Contract Template Sample
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4.13. Why should you use a simple consulting contract  template?

No doubts, people still have successful deals by just a few discussions and sealing it with a handshake. In today's world, you are safer doing business when you have a signed contract in place. A lot of freelancers and consultants have delay



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