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It’s important to know how to share your value proposition with any client you wish to hire.Learning this skill is one way of ensuring that your success at landing good clients goes up a notch or two. As a freelancer, you cannot earn money without any clients. At some point, you have to take the leap of faith and embark on the search. For this reason, get and study a good freelance project proposal template to learn the best ways of communicating value propositions.

Whether you’re new to the freelance business, or you’re an expert in it, you need to market your skills to your prospects to get hired. As you know, the freelance population grows daily, and so, freelancers have to scramble for the few jobs that are available. If you’re not tactful enough, you may end up without a single project even after several application attempts. Of course, you know how frustrating that can be, and, therefore, you don’t want to get there. 

Writing a freelance project proposal sample is the first step to getting to a potential client. In the freelance world, you’ll have to get used to the business of writing and sending proposals to your prospects. Not all turn out positive, and that’s why you may have to write several of them before you land a project. 

However, there are still those who are lucky enough to win a project after sending their first proposal. So, what’s the magic behind it? For such freelancers, we can call it luck, but in most cases, they take time to draft a freelance project proposal sample that will catch the attention of the client. That’s only possible with a project proposal template. 

Anybody can design an appealing freelance project proposal sample using the template. It’s especially suitable for newbies who are still finding their way in the freelance business. With a project proposal template, you’ll be able to highlight your skills and competencies to your prospect and possibly convince them to hire you. 

A freelance project proposal sample is meant to market your freelance business to the client. As you will see from the sample, clients must know the value you bring to their businesses.

A value proposition is a statement positioning and explaining the value and benefits you endeavor to bring to the client using your training, skills, and experience. In fact, the statement should show clearly why you stand out from other freelancers with similar skills, experience or training. 

As we mentioned earlier, many freelancers will be sending proposals for the same job, and the client isn’t going to choose on a first-come-first-serve basis. In most cases, a client will go for a proposal that stands out in the crowd; a freelance project proposal sample that addresses their specific needs. So, don’t be in a hurry to send out a proposal to a potential client. Take time to design one that will earn you the project. 

All good statements that display value propositions properly share a few similarities. They describe the following well:

  1. Your target customer
  2. The problems or issues that you solve
  3. The strengths that make you better than other freelancers

While these are common points to most freelancers, if you’re not careful you might not cover the three areas. That’s why it’s advisable to use a project proposal template. It makes work easier.

1. Display benefits to clients

Why should the client hire you and not someone else? Every freelancer needs to answer this question in their proposal. The truth is, your client is putting some money aside to fund the project, and they wouldn’t want to make a loss. So, you can only be a perfect fit if you’re adding value to their business. Therefore, as you write down the nitty-gritty of your freelance project proposal sample, make sure you display your benefits to the client. With a project proposal template, this should be easy as there’s always a section for this.

It’s important to let customers know what they stand to gain by buying and using your products or services. Let the clients know what’s in it for them. Do not hold anything back but inform them why your product or service is better than what they can get elsewhere. Speak to them about your key differentiators. Communicating these qualities well is a good sign. It shows that you understand your customers well. See how the freelance project proposal template helps here?

Even as you do this, don’t use so many words. Always keep in mind that a proposal should be as brief as possible. You don’t need to include everything. Just pick out the benefits that directly address the needs of your prospect. That means you have to understand the project requirements before filling out the project proposal template. 

2. Prove that you communicate better

Generally,communication is crucial to running a profitable freelance business. The best freelance project proposal template will show you how to communicate effectively but simply with your prospective clients.Whether you send an email or text messages, your communication skills will improve substantially with the help of the proposal template. These skills will prove helpful whether you communicate by phone, face-to-face, or Instant Messenger.

As usual, your freelance project proposal sample should sound professional. Not everyone is good at keeping that professional tone, and that’s where a project proposal template comes in handy. While you may have all the necessary information at your fingertips, sometimes you need help to communicate it effectively. Thanks to the project proposal template PDFs available online. You no longer have to worry about structure and formatting. Most templates come drafted in the standard format used for freelance proposals. All you need to do is insert the required details in their respective categories.  

However, don’t rely so much on the template. Other freelancers are using the same template and it would be absurd to end up with look-alike proposals, yet you want to stand out. To be on the safe side, give your template a few tweaks so that it looks unique and original. You can also borrow ideas from proposal samples done by experts in the freelance business for better understanding. 

3. Show how you’re a perfect fit for the customer

A freelance project proposal sample is all about convincing your client that you’re the perfect fit for the job. They don’t know you, and so, they only rely on what you tell them. Therefore, take advantage of this moment to say all the good things about your business. Even so, be honest with the client to maintain a good relationship with them in case they hire you. A client may just cancel the contract if they realize you lied to them about your skills and achievements. So, be careful not to lose. 

Communicating key value propositions is essential for generating the level of income that you need. Everything you do should be about convincing customers that you’re the perfect fit for them. In a way, the value propositions are similar to your unique selling points (USPs). Do not forget how the value propositions you share with the current client can bring you new referrals, but only if you deliver what you promised.

As the freelance project proposal template shows, proof of value proposition is essential.

As long as you share these key value propositions with your clients, you will increase your chances of dominating the market. Sharing these values with your clients isn’t everything. Instead, you need to know how to use the values to benefit your clients. Provide proof showing that you’re capable of doing everything you write on the proposal to your freelancing clients. Use expert testimonials and studies to prove everything you claim.

Remember every other freelancer is trying their best to win the client. So, providing proof to show that you’re up to the task may set you above the rest. You can share some of your work samples, depending on the type of project you’re applying for. You can also include reviews from clients that you’ve worked with before to demonstrate your level of experience in the given role.

4. Avoid ambiguities

A value proposition should be clearly stated in your proposal to the freelancing clients. Like everything else in the proposal, ambiguity is not welcome. Ambiguity has no place when proposing your product or service to any prospective client. Do not be ambiguous about what you, as the freelancer, can do. You are the most important asset in your freelancing business. Do not lose sight of that fact or fail to communicate it while sharing your value propositions.

Don’t imagine you’ll convince your client using those big words. If anything, they may not be interested in reading further. Keep in mind that they’ve got several other proposals to go through before making a decision. So, you better make it easier for them to read through your freelance project proposal sample. Just communicate your skills and expertise in a simple manner. All the client wants to know is whether you’re the right fit for the job. Therefore, don’t overdo it. 

Therefore, there is no doubt about the role that the freelance project proposal sample can do for you. Its effectiveness in helping you to highlight your value propositions is quite clear. Learn from these templates to develop your skills. Use this to let clients know that the problems they face are workable, avoidable, in need of urgent solutions, and not receiving the attention they deserve. If you’re starting your freelance business, make use of a freelance project proposal sample to let your clients know who you are and what you can do to them.


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