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The first time you look at a freelance project proposal sample, your mind is likely to focus on how you can write one too. Rarely will you think about the role such a piece of document can play in helping you to attract top clients. The top clients are good for any freelancer. A fledgling freelance career needs the best clients if the freelancer is not to give up or lose hope. Finding the best client is not a walk in the park. It takes hard work, plenty of commitment and dedication to convince a client to hire you.

Some of the ways a freelance project proposal sample can help you attract clients include:

1. Identifying clients

The proposal sample helps you to form a mental picture of the kind of client your career needs. You need this kind of clarity in your mind. It is important to write one or more pages listing the qualities or traits you want to see in your clients. For your information, the clients you negotiate with probably have a list of the qualities they’re looking for in you. Remember, you are about to enter a relationship with the client for the duration of the freelance project. Just like all relationships, you have to know what works or does not work for you.

2. Choose ideal clients

Now, some prospective clients provide warning signs that they will not be a good fit for you. As a freelancer, it’s your duty to watch out for these signs. The client’s response to the freelance project proposal sample should give you a hint. Some of the signs will be clear while others appear a bit subtle. At times, you will never find a better judge of a client’s fit for your business than your guts. Do not limit yourself to perception alone, but go beyond that too. Clients who do not believe in you are not worth spending more time on at the expense of those who do.

3. Sharing and clarifying expectations

The freelance project proposal sample gives you the chance of telling your clients what they can expect from you. As previously stated, this is a relationship. Preferably, you’re on the verge of entering a relationship that will last beyond a week or a month. If you do right by your clients, they will not hesitate to rehire you for future projects, especially if they see positive results. The first step to a long future with such clients is in writing a good project proposal. The proposal makes the clients to take notice of you.

Just as your CV is up to date, so should the samples on freelance project proposal sample be up to date.

4. Network with clients

Through the sample, you will learn how to network with new clients. Yes, some of the clients will neither hire nor respond to your proposal positively. This should never discourage you. If anything, you will have increased your network. In fact, many are the times when clients that freelancers forgot even existed respond to a proposal several months later. All proposals that you send will eventually bear fruits. Some of your target clients may not hire you but will recommend your services to a different customer who needs them more.

Therefore, remember that the freelance project proposal sample is more than a letter you send to prospective freelancing clients. It can act as one of the most powerful tools for helping you to attract and choose the best clients. It is a great tool for growing your career as a freelancer. It is a marketing tool too. It advertises you to the prospective clients that will bring in more work, more money, and more referrals. For this reason, you should spend enough time on the sample to learn the tricks needed to write yours.


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