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Whether you’re a newbie or an expert in the freelance world, a freelance business is founded on a freelance proposal. The only way you can get to a prospect is through a proposal. In most cases, you’re meeting your client for the first time, and so, you’ve got to market your skills and experience to convince them to hire you.

Graphic designers spend countless hours writing freelance graphic design proposal templates. All graphic design proposal examples need a lot of time to write well regardless of how simple or complex they are. Writing a design proposal template well increases your chances of landing clients. All graphic designers have to spend time polishing this particular skill. Even writing a simple freelance graphic design proposal template needs some skill. If you feel your skills are not up to scratch, do not hesitate to hire an expert proposal writer to help you write one.

If you’re a freelance designer, a good graphic design proposal sample goes a long way to convince your prospect to hire you. The freelance business is so competitive, and, therefore, you have to find ways of sticking out of the crowd. While you may be the best freelance designer out there, you can still miss out on a project if your graphic design proposal example doesn’t stand out. That’s why you need to take time to design one that will earn you the project you’re bidding for.  

Well, its’ not easy to build a graphic design proposal sample. If you’re designing one from the scratch, then there’s quite a lot to do, and you may not want to take that direction. However, thanks to the many design proposal template samples. You can now build a graphic design proposal example within a short time.

With a design proposal template, you can always build a freelance proposal that captures the attention of your client. Usually, a freelance graphic design proposal template is structured in a professional way so that you only enter the necessary details.

The truth is, it can be a real struggle to put your skills and experience together in a professional way. That’s why a design proposal template comes in handy. Even so, don’t rely wholly on the template. You need to give it a few tweaks to customize it to your client’s needs. Remember, many freelancers might be using a similar design proposal template, and so, you have to make your look unique. 

So, before writing your graphic design proposal sample, make sure you read through the client’s project requirements to design one that’s tailored to their needs. Additionally, make sure you choose a design proposal template that will make the task of designing simpler for you. 

We’ve got many freelance graphic design proposal template PDFs online, and, therefore, it shouldn’t be a struggle to get one. 

So, why do you need a graphic design proposal example as a freelancer? 

Writing even a design proposal template is not easy. It’s a thankless, time-consuming and tedious task. Do them correctly, however, and you will never be short of clients seeking your expertise. In fact, many freelancers have made a great career out of writing excellent proposals for clients in different niches. There are many reasons for writing freelance graphic design proposal template, and some of these include:

  • complying with legal complications
  • measuring progress and results
  • compliance with procedural requirements
  • marketing

Generally, that’s why you need to build a graphic design proposal sample. Even then, knowing just how competitive the freelance business is, you need to create one that’s compelling to the client. Of course, don’t make it wordy. Usually, a graphic design proposal example that’s brief and straight to the point will impress the client. If you’re using a design proposal template, then that shouldn’t worry you as you’re always restricted.

The following are the three essentials for writing a graphic design proposal example.

1. Write and send proposals only when necessary

First, it’s tempting to feel like writing and sending a new proposal every time a client asks you for one. As a consultant, you will receive numerous requests to send proposals. Instead of doing what the clients want, take time to ask as many questions as you can first. The questions will provide answers that you can then use to develop an in-depth proposal. 

After all, it’s not just about sending any proposal to the client. A graphic design proposal example that’s not relevant to a client’s demands may not earn you the project. Therefore, it’s important to consider a few factors before sending out your graphic design proposal example. Sometimes the client is interested more in your response than the proposal you send, and if you miss out on what they’re targeting, then you might have to forget about the project. If you’re not sure how to go about a client’s request, you may seek help from a freelance graphic design expert who’s been in the field for quite some time.

As a freelance designer, some of the questions you need answers for before building a graphic design proposal example  include:

1.1. Does the client have another designer?

In case your client was already working with another desinger, then there’s quite a lot to be done. The truth is, they’re not happy with the current freelancer and that’s why they’d like to hire you to continue with the job. In such a case, you don’t just draft a graphic design proposal example and send it out to the client. You don’t want to make the same mistakes made by the previous desinger. If anything, you’d like to put a smile on the face of the client. 

1.2. How did the designer please or disappoint the client?

Before you send out a proposal to the client, you need to know the failures of the outgoing desinger. Remember, the client is hiring you so that you can rectify the mistakes, and, therefore, you can’t miss out on this. At this point, it’s important to learn what might please or disappoint the client so that you meet their expectations. So, before you grab that design proposal template to build a freelance proposal, know what your client expects.

1.3. What’s the scope of the project?

As a freelancer, you can’t write a relevant proposal if you don’t know the scope of the project. If you’re using a freelance graphic design proposal template, there’s always a section where you need to include skills and experience that’s relevant to the project. You can only do this if you understand the scope of the project. So, before drafting the proposal, seek to know the project’s scope and requirements.

1.4. Does the work fall within your area of specialization or comfort?

As a freelance designer, you’d like to do everything within your means to please your client. The only way to please your client is by helping them meet their business goals. That’s why you need to make sure the project falls within your area of specialization. If you’re going to strain, then it’s better you don’t send out a proposal. Well, it’s tempting to promise more than you can offer to the client, but remember that might ruin your relationship. So, be honest.

It’s fine to show clients that you’re selective with the kind of projects you pick.

2. Address the client’s specific problems

Next is the need for addressing the client’s exact problems. The freelance graphic design proposal template should clearly spell out the measures you wish to take to address the core problems your client has pointed out. Define the client’s problem(s) in the design proposal template proposal you write. Confirm that you’re providing solutions to the correct problem. Importantly, the proposal should show that your solutions are different from what clients get from their workers.

As we mentioned earlier, you’re most likely meeting the client for the first time. That means they wholly rely on the freelance proposal to determine whether you’re the right fit for the job or not. While your client is interested in your skills and experience, they’d like to know whether you’ll help them achieve their business goals. Remember, they’re going to receive several proposals, highlighting skills similar to yours. So, you better show your client the changes you’re likely to bring to their business in case they hire you to do the job. If you’re using a freelance graphic design proposal template, then you should find it easy to navigate through this section. 

As you give your freelance graphic design proposal template a few tweaks to meet your client’s needs, remember these:

  • Provide solutions that guarantee you more work from the client or other referrals
  • You not a sheep but a graphic designer; hence, your proposal should show that

3. Provide solutions that guarantee you more work from the client or other referrals

Well, when you’re sending out a proposal to the client, remember they may link you up with other clients in case they fall in love with your services. Therefore, make sure you provide solutions that will drive profit to their business. This increases your chances of repeat hire. To achieve this, make sure you properly research your client’s market. 

4. You’re not a sheep but a desinger; hence, your proposal should show that

As a freelance designer, you need to clearly demonstrate your position to ensure you only carry out the tasks you’re hired to do. If you don’t spell out your scope of work clearly, you may end up doing tasks that your client may not be ready to pay for. So, rubber-stamp it that you’re a designer and not a sheep.

5. Convince clients to say yes in multiple ways

Third, finding multiple ways of convincing the client to say “yes’” to your proposal. The essence of writing a proposal is to get the client’s approval. There is nothing wrong in drafting more than one option. When clients show a bit of apprehension with one option, present them with the second, third, fourth or fifth alternative. Some clients will accede to the first presentation. Others will ask for more details and continue negotiating with you.

Well, probably you’re wondering why you need to send multiple proposals to win the client. If you’d like to make it through the freelance business, then you must be persistent. Many are the times you’ll send a proposal and get a negative response from the client. That doesn’t mean your skills are inadequate but could be there’s something missing out from your proposal. In case your proposal bounced, just get a freelance graphic design proposal template and build another one. Most of the successful freelancers you know of began here. Some of them won a project after sending out a million proposals. 

So, keep trying until you convince your client.

Learn the art of negotiation. You will need it when drafting the freelance graphic design proposal template.

The options worth developing and including in your graphic design proposal example are:

  • an option that addresses the problem with minimal effort and cost
  • an option that requires more work and is more costly
  • an option that goes over and above what the client wanted

Now that you know the three essentials of a design proposal template, feel free to use this information to write one. Impress clients with your excellent proposal writing skills. Remember to write it based on the answers you get to all questions you ask. Additionally, base it on addressing the needs and problems the client wants resolved and making it impossible for the client to say no to your proposal.


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