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To win a design contract, a freelancer needs to demonstrate his or her design proficiency to a level that would convince the client. This can best be accentuated in a design proposal example that the freelancer sends out to the client. Every freelancer must know that no client puts a pen on those dotted lines unless he or she is fully convinced that the potential consultant has the requisite capacity to deliver and do so within the predefined timeframe.

How do you make a prospective employer believe in your abilities then? Truth be told, it’s the design proposal example you send out that would make the whole difference.

If you're unable to figure out how to write a design pitch, feel free to grab a design proposal example and make edits to suit your unique needs. Borrowing from an example is great, but be sure you fully understand every detail.

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Below are some tips you for creating a winning design proposal example.

1. Provide an executive summary

In most properly formulated design proposal templates, the top area should contain a succinct segment outlining the client needs and why the freelancer believes he’s the right candidate to answer to the needs.

  • Have you accomplished similar projects before?
  • Why does the client's current branding need some tweaking?
  • What would be the effect of the tweaks?

In this area, it's important to remain very brief, only mentioning things that make you stand out as a qualified and experienced freelancer. The executive summary should persuade the client to believe that the task at hand is necessary and, where possible, urgent. When doing this, be careful not to come forth as a desperate person looking for nothing but earning a few bucks.

2. Assess the client's current brand position

This part needs a little more comprehensive text. However, every sentence used must add value, pointing out the client's current brand position, why they need to get the design work done and the benefits they'd accrue from the design work. Stretch the information a little to provide a peak preview of the client industry, the client's competitors and what you’re planning to do to make the client stand out.

3. Talk about your expertise and work ethics

As a freelancer, one thing you should borrow from a design proposal example is the need to provide information about your freelancing work and experience. Here, convincingly talk about your qualifications in terms of the works you've done that you believe make you the best fit for the job.

  • What's your general design experience?
  • What your experience in the client's industry?
  • What makes you stand out among other freelancers?

The image you present to the client should be that of a freelance with deep running design knowledge. Also don't forget to mention your work ethics and freelancing principles as this would make the client feel assured of good results.

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4. Design portfolio

You can be a great graphic designer, but without a design portfolio, no one would believe you. A design proposal example must share some of the design works you’ve completed so far. For the best impact, the freelancer should pick projects that are related to the client's industry as a way to earn their confidence.

5. Process, timeframe and milestones

A good design proposal example should clearly indicate to the client the entire work process to its conclusion. What are some of the milestones and what are their deliverables? When sharing details about the milestones, ensure you provide timeframes. One important thing is to never set deadlines you're likely not to meet. Some clients are so serious about time that they wouldn’t forgive you for failing to meet the deadline, more so if you're the one who set it.

The design proposal example would be incomplete without showing the cost implications. These shouldn't just be figures with no justification. Specifications of the costs involved are very important because they give the client a clear indication that their money is actually paying for something.


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