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People talk about first impressions a lot but what about the last impression. Yes, you have managed to convince a client to trust you with their vehicle. You have done a great job repairing it. But, how you end things is just as important.

You need to end it with a bang and as a mechanic, nothing makes a great last impression like your invoice.

You need to have a mechanic invoice template that clients will look at and know they are dealing with a true professional.

Admittedly, creating the perfect invoice for your auto repair services can take a lot of time. Almost the same time it would take for you to replace the worn-out plugs for the new client that just drove in.

Sending professional invoices doesn’t have to be that hard though. Why create your mechanic invoice from scratch when you can use an invoice template?

What is a mechanic invoice template?

A mechanic invoice template is a customizable invoice created specifically for the auto repair business.

Just find a template format that appeals to you most and then customize it to suit your business.

To ensure that your mechanic invoice is professional and complete check that it has all the details discussed below.

Elements of a great auto repair invoice template

The perfect invoice for an auto repair shop should include the following.

Invoice number

Before anything, ensure that any invoice you issue has a unique invoice number. The number will act as a reference point if there are any issues with the invoice payment. Also, some accounts payable departments will not accept your invoice without a unique invoice number.

Your business info

The mechanic invoice template needs to include your business information so that it’s clear who issued the invoice. Some important details that should not miss include your business name, location, phone number, email, and website.

While at it, make a point to personalize the invoice to reflect your business. You can do this by adding your business logo and maybe adding background colors that match your brand.

Clients details

The mechanic invoice template  also needs to show who is receiving it. Add the name of your client, their contact details, street address, and also their car model.

Date when the invoice was issued and payment due date

The invoice should include the date it was sent to the client and the date when you expect payment. Failing to include the payment due date leaves you at the mercy of the client. They pay at their own convenience instead of when it matters to you. Also, without a due date, you cannot impose late payment penalties on your client.

Repair parts and labor

This part is critical because it’s the invoice’s whole purpose. Repairing a car is an expensive job. To help the client understand what they are being charged for, include a repair parts and labor section. This portion should be divided into two parts.

The first section is ‘repair parts’ which shows the cost of all the spare parts that you purchased to facilitate the repair. Auto parts, engine repair components, oil, auto body you name it. Show the unit price of each.

The second section is ‘labor’ and it shows the cost of your auto repair service. Do you charge per hour or project? This needs to be clear to the client.

Other expenses

If there were other expenses incurred during the repair process and they can’t be categorized as spare parts or labor, you should include them in this section


Don’t leave the calculations to the client. Do the maths and include the total sum for the whole repair process. If there is any tax amount, discount, or extra fees, make sure to indicate the invoice total when doing the math.

Terms and conditions for payment

This section will be the client’s guide to paying your money. It should include information such as your accepted forms of payment, and your other terms of payment. Do you offer extensions past the payment due date, are there any late payment penalties?

Also, if you offer any bonuses for early payments include this information in this section.

We can help you create professional invoices

At Bonsai, we have several customizable professional auto repair invoice templates you can use for your services.

A lot of auto repair businesses sometimes rely on the expensive accounting software to create their invoices when in fact email templates offer a cheaper and more effective solution.

Invoices auto-generated by accounting software are not customizable and, therefore, lack that personal touch that comes with invoice templates.

Our auto repair invoices are free to use.

But, the best part of it is you can also use our automated invoicing software that comes with extra perks such as the ability to automatically send payment reminders, add late fees, and generally increase the efficiency of the payment process in your business.

You also get notified when the client views the invoice or makes a payment. 

Mistakes to avoid when creating your mechanic invoice

With all the information you have so far, you should have no problem creating an invoice for your auto repair business. But while at it, here are some common mistakes some people make that you should avoid.

  • Overcharging - When calculating the repair costs, make sure to stay within the agreed limit with your client. Still, it’s normal to incur unexpected costs in this line of business. Just make sure you communicate it to the client early.
  • Not properly detailing the charges - Vague, brief description of charges can cause misunderstandings with the client. Make sure everything is well labeled so that your customer has a clear picture of what they are paying for.
  • Making the invoice too long - Yes, you must make the car repair invoice understandable to your client. However, don’t make it too long such that your customer is unable to follow.
  • Not following up - Some business owners send the invoice and that’s it. They don’t follow up if the client does not make payments in the stipulated time. If you are using our invoicing software, you don’t have to worry because it will do the follow-up automatically. However, if you are the one sending the invoice, don’t be afraid to send a polite reminder when the payment does not come.
Mechanic Invoice Template
Frequently Asked Questions
Questions about this template.

How do you write an auto shop invoice?

Bonsai has free invoice templates you can use to send billing requests to clients or customers. Start by modifying the marketing invoice template from Bonsai. Add your contact information, the invoice number, the company logo, the clients' contact information, a list of the services you supplied, and the total amount after that.

How can I get free invoice template?

You can write a freelance invoice template on a document or try Bonsai's invoicing software. Our free invoice templates are the best for sending clients polished billing requests. With the help of our invoicing software, you can automate the entire process, request partial payments, and set up recurring payments all in one place.

What is the best free invoice templates for mechanics?

Bonsai is the best invoicing software. Our invoicing software lets you add your business logo/information, client details, contact information, unique invoice number, issue date, due date, payment details, and itemized cost for services all in one place. Try our templates today.

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