Fiverr is global marketplace offering small and affordable freelances services to entrepreneurs and startups
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Fiverr launched in early 2010 with the promise of facilitating the gig economy around micro-services starting at $5. The gigs includes a variety of gigs from design to software development and writing. Fiverr has raised a total of $111M in funding in its first 6 years and has grown to point where it's now listing more than 3 million gigs worldwide.



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$6+ per project

For companies

Fiverr pricing starts at $5 per project and includes a $1 processing fee. A lot of different packages and additional options are proposed for each gig that can significantly increase the gig price. The options often include faster delivery or faster support.


For freelancers

Fiverr has recently increased their fees to freelancers providing gigs on their platform. The 20% fee is deducted from the value of the project and does not include withdrawal fee that the freelancer will need to cover when willing to collect withdraw their money.


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Fiverr claims to be the world’s largest online marketplace for freelancers and buyers. Thousands of creative professionals from around the world can be found selling their work on the site, with pricing starting at just $5 for most jobs. You can sell any creative service here, including freelance developer and freelance designer services.

Signing up for an account is free. There are no tests to take to begin selling, although you are limited in the number of services you can offer at first. Once you begin completing work successfully and on time, you can further expand your offerings, even charging more than $5 with a number of add-ons.  Satisfied customers can rate and recommend you, increasing visibility. Many of the best Fiverr sellers have also earned extra with the optional tipping system.

Project management

As you become more successful on Fiverr, you will be expected to manage multiple gigs at once. The Sales Dashboard allows you to see all of your jobs, their current status, and any actions that need to be taken on them. A freelance developer, for example, can easily view gigs that are in any of the following statuses:

  • New jobs
  • Active jobs (also known as “in progress”)
  • Late jobs (24 hours past due or more)
  • Delivered jobs (completed by you but not yet approve by the buyer)
  • Completed jobs
  • Cancelled jobs (either by you or the buyer)

In addition, you will also see any jobs marked “priority.” These are jobs that need action taken immediately, to help you work your jobs in the order of importance. You may also denote any job as important by marking it with a star. It is recommended that active Fiverr sellers check their dashboard at least daily to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Experience and Usability

In the first 30 days with Fiverr, you are limited to what you can earn. It’s very important, therefore to fully master the ins and outs of the platform and use the learning period to your advantage. With an intuitive platform, and almost unlimited flexibility on how to sell your gigs, you can continually tweak to get better results from your listings. With time,

 it may be possible to earn a full-time living with Fiverr. Many freelance designers, writers, and videographers are doing just that. 

The key is to keep changing your tactics to stay ahead of the competition, and deliver an excellent service each and every time. 

Payment Terms

For every gig that a seller completes on Fiverr, they get paid 80% of the price. Fiverr keeps the remaining 20%. (So, for a $5 Freelance Designer gig, you would get $4.) There are additional fees for the following:

PayPal Withdrawal Fees. If you choose to be paid via PayPal, Fiverr will charge a 2% fee for the amount withdrawn, up to a maximum of $1.

Bank Transfer Fees. Amounts of $49.99 and up can be withdrawn via bank transfer. There is a $3 fee for this service.

Direct Deposit (US only). Deposits of $5 and up can be made, subject to a $1 fee.

Fiverr Revenue Card. Sellers who sign up for this card can load it with earnings as small as $5. There is a $1 fee for loads that process within 2 days and a $3 fee for withdrawals that happen within 2 hours.

Sellers can usually withdraw money for a completed job 14 days after it is marked as such. You cannot withdraw less than $1, and cannot withdraw more often than every 24 hours.

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Freelancer Network Quality

Because Fiverr is a worldwide network with no requirements to begin selling, it is recommended that you thoroughly research the marketplace to find the best seller. The quality of a freelance developer, for example, may be determined by their selling tier, number of positive reviews, and response time. Top-rated sellers are usually in high demand, but have a proven track records of delivering on their promises. If you are unsure about the quality of a freelancer, you may start by offering them a small gig to start with before ordering a more complicated and expensive project.

Many small business communities also have forums where they discuss the work they have received from Fiverr. If in doubt, you can always ask for recommendations. (Once a Fiverr seller gets a reputation for doing quality work, they are usually given the majority of their business from repeat customers and word-of-mouth referrals.)

Project Management

Managing a team of in-house creators is a bit different than keeping tabs on a freelance team via Fiverr. For one, you may be dealing with a freelance developer in one of over a dozen countries, time zones, and experience levels. That’s why the option to contact a seller before placing an order is so convenient. By going to any seller’s individual gig, you can use the “contact me” feature to send them a message, cutting down on back-and-forth after the gig is in progress and ensuring a final product that meets your needs. 

This is also a great way to determine if a seller is a good fit before you even purchase the gig. Once the gig has been placed, you can see at a glance where the seller is at in the project progress, including how long it will take them to finish. Issues can usually be resolved before final delivery, minimizing disputes and revisions.


One of the reasons Fiverr is such a popular option for freelance work is that the price is right. There are very few places online that offer such a diverse network of providers, and a very low starting price point. With gigs starting at $5, it is possible to try a few different sellers to get the best outcome. The affordability of hiring a freelance designer from Fiverr, for example, makes it an attractive alternative to hiring an in-house employee – especially for short-term or contract work.

Even with add-ons, rush project fees, customizations, and tips, you can expect to pay far less than hiring elsewhere. While it is often true that you “get what you pay for” the globalization of the Fiverr marketplace gives an unprecedented opportunity to hire talented freelancers from across the globe in a very price-competitive market. Many small businesses have realized extraordinary cost savings by using Fiverr for their creative projects.

Intellectual Property

Since Fiverr is a global market, it can be a bit concerning to learn that not all countries view copyright the same way. Fiverr does its best, however, to enforce intellectual property rights and attempts to educate sellers on the proper way to use creative work for adaptation and resale. There will always be a few bad eggs trying to spoil the whole bunch, however. Research your seller carefully, ask to see their work, and make sure written works pass Copyscape.  (Any issues you have with intellectual property should be brought to the attention of the seller and then to Fiverr’s customer team. They usually work quickly to resolve these kinds of issues.)

The terms of service also state that, unless otherwise noted, buyers get full rights to work they buy on Fiverr. That means that the logo your Fiverr freelance designer created is all yours once payment is processed. You are then free to use it how you wish.

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