FreshBooks alternatives for self-employed & freelancers

It’s been said that two things are inevitable: death and taxes. In the case of running your freelance business, taxes are definitely inevitable, so having accurate bookkeeping and properly managing your invoice templates is essential. From getting paid to tracking expenses to paying taxes and identifying eligible tax deductions, accounting is one of the key administrative duties of a business owner.

An online system for managing the various aspects of accounting is a great way to support your business and free up your time for creative pursuits. 

FreshBooks is one popular tool used by businesses, but it’s not the only one. If you’re looking for an accounting platform, it’s good to learn about FreshBooks alternatives. There are several good options for your freelance business.

Check our list of 10 great FreshBooks alternatives, so that you can choose the one that’s right for your freelance business.

1. Bonsai

Bonsai Dashboard
Free trial: 14 days / Pricing: $16/month

The integrated system offered by Bonsai is designed specifically for freelancers, making it an ideal tool for your business. Bonsai has a full suite of products that allow you to build successful proposals, turn them into contracts and connect them to invoices, with bookkeeping tools that support the process.

Starting with invoicing, which is the first step to getting paid, you can set up recurring invoices, track time to build a timesheet for invoices, send payment reminders, and more. Bonsai’s system also lets you watch the financial progress of your business, with profit and loss reports, budgeting and goals, and views of your total income, as well as reports broken down by client or by project.

The Accounting & Tax Assistant platform makes it easy to automate your expense tracking, auto-import expenses from over 5,000 credit cards and banks, and help you find tax deductions automatically. When it’s tax time, Bonsai provides quarterly estimated tax and annual filing reminders, and lets you share access with your accountant with a secure link.

Your business can be truly international with the ability to work in 180 different currencies. Bonsai is a powerful choice among the FreshBooks alternatives, and it’s been trusted by more than 200,000 freelancers and agencies to date.

Logo Bonsai Logo Freshbooks
Unlimited Projects/Clients
Unlimited Proposals
Upsell your clients with different package options
Get notified when your proposal is viewed
Client can approve your proposal in one click
Unlimited Freelance specific contracts
E-sign & store your contracts online
Unlimited Invoicing
Track your time using our web, iOS, or OS X app
Centralize your time sheets
Automated invoicing based on time sheets
Import transactions directly from your bank account
Attach expenses to invoices or bill them directly
Track your spending
Create special logins for your accountant
Automated invoice reminders
Recurring auto-paiements available
Receive your payments online using Stripe and/or PayPal
Possibility to add more users to an account
Work with subcontractors (create contracts, pay them online)
Create your W-9 forms online & save them to your account
Inventory management integrated to the solution
$ 19
$ 50

This FreshBooks vs Bonsai comparison was made based on the information available at the time of publishing. FreshBooks Premium and Bonsai Premium plans are the one being compared.

Bonsai is a great alternative to FreshBooks for self-employed and freelancers. By switching to Bonsai, run your freelance business in peace. Take a look at what Bonsai can do for you.


2. Xero

Xero is a good option among FreshBooks alternatives, and it has tools for different sizes and types of businesses. The invoicing tool sends invoices online and notifies you when your clients have opened them. The invoices can include a “pay now” button, making it easy for your clients to pay and helping you to collect faster.

You can easily import and categorize your bank transactions into Xero, so your records will be up to date at tax time. Xero also has various payment options, provides dashboard metrics, allows you to work in multiple currencies and more. You can even use the mobile app to do your accounting work on the go, including the ability to create expense claims and send invoices.

Xero dashboard
Free trial: 30 days / Pricing: $9-60/month, with 50% off the first 2 months

3. QuickBooks

QuickBooks is another popular choice among FreshBooks alternatives, and not just because the name is similar. QuickBooks allows you to take photos of receipts to easily add to expenses, and then download information from your credit cards and bank accounts so you can track income and expenses and keep an eye on your profit and loss numbers. With QuickBooks you can send invoices, know when they have been viewed and when they have been paid. You can also add payroll as your business expands, do time tracking, sales tax tracking, and more.

QuickBooks dashboard
Free trial: 30 days / Pricing: $3-15/month on a promotion

4. ZipBooks

With ZipBooks you’ll get limited functionality for free, including digital payments through PayPal or Square, the connection to one bank account, online invoicing, and some basic reporting. A variety of subscription plans then allow you to add features as you want and need them.

Add on the ability to send recurring invoices, for instance, do time tracking, send automated reminders, connect to multiple bank accounts, or add team members. Increased functionality provides the ability to categorize accounts and organize your books in a multitude of ways, and get more detailed reporting. With ZipBooks you can start small and increase functionality as your business needs it.

ZipBooks dashboard
Free trial: 30 days / Pricing: Free - $35/month

5. BillQuick Core

If your freelance business is looking for a project management and accounting package, BillQuick might be for you. Its package offers standard features like billing, with enhanced functionality beyond customized invoices. You can bill several ways, for instance, including hourly, fixed, retainer, and many more. It has time and expense tracking, including the ability to record expenses in multiple currencies and attach receipts, a robust project management platform, and customizable dashboards. It even uses members of specific industries to help with product development, including IT and business consultants.

BillQuick Core dashboard
Free trial: 15 days / Pricing: $16/month

6. Wave

Wave is another of the FreshBooks alternatives that offers some functionality for free. For instance, invoicing and tracking receipts is free. Payment collection is charged on a per-use basis, and you can add a payroll service for a monthly base fee and then pay per employee or contractor. With Wave you can use your phone to scan receipts so you can track expenses. You can customize and send invoices and accept online credit card and bank payments. And, you can generate reports to monitor the performance of your business.

Wave dashboard
Some services are free and others have a fee

7. Harvest

Harvest has multiple options for business owners, with time tracking, team management, scheduling and invoicing functions, along with integration with over 100 apps. The invoicing package, for instance, will automatically pull the billable time and expenses you’ve tracked into invoices, or you can manually create a free-form invoice.The project view will show you hours, budgets, billable amounts, costs, and uninvoiced totals in one spot.

Harvest dashboard
Free trial: 30 days / Pricing: $0-12/month per person

8. SAP Concur

SAP Concur supports small to medium sized businesses, with different functions to automate expenses, travel, and accounts payable. Concur Expense allows you to track, report and manage expenses from any device, and give you reports into your spending; Concur Invoice adds invoicing functionality; and if your freelance business involves travel, Concur Travel lets you simplify bookings, including the application of negotiated rates and the ability to connect employees. You can also link apps, or use ones that are integrated with Concur.

SAP Concur dashboard
Contact Concur for pricing

9. Invoicera

Invoicera sounds like an invoicing platform, which it is, but it offers much more. Time tracking, expense management, auto billing and other functionality make this an attractive system. You can customize it for your needs, integrate it with your existing setup, and even host it yourself if you want, although it is a cloud system. From the basics like online invoicing and payment to more robust estimate management and project management, and financial forecasting, Invoicera will scale to your needs.

Invoicera dashboard
Free trial: 15 days / Pricing: free to $149/month

10. Street Invoice

If you’re looking for a basic platform with invoicing as its main strength, then Street Invoice is for you. It may not have all the features of other FreshBooks alternatives, but it has simple billing and invoicing functions, as well as payment tracking and reporting. You can also use it for estimates and quotes, and the advanced features include a signature capture and use by teams.

Street Invoice dashboard
Free trial: 14 days / Pricing: free - $14.99/month

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Freelance Proposals

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Freelance contract. A better quickbooks alternative
Freelance invoicing. A better quickbooks alternative

Freelance Contracts

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Freelance contract. A better quickbooks alternative

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