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Users save an average of $5,600 / year!
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Trusted by 250,000+ people since 2015,
and saving them $5,600 on average per year

Track expenses
Auto-imports expense from bank and credit cards, then classify and track them on web and mobile apps
Identify write-offs
Bonsai Tax automatically identifies expenses that are deductible to save you extra money at tax time
Estimate quarterly taxes
Never get caught by a surprise tax bill again. Bonsai Tax analyzes your spending to estimate taxes due

Automate Expenses

Connect your bank and credit / debit card accounts to automatically import and categorize your expenses
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Identify self employed tax deductions and write offs

Maximize Write-Offs

Bonsai Tax is designed to identify tax deductions for self-employed workers and maximize your self-employment tax savings

Estimate Quarterly Taxes

Bonsai Tax uses your tracked income, expenses, and deductions to give you live estimates of the taxes you will owe
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Why do people love Bonsai Tax?

Bonsai Tax has saved me hours of annoying and pointless paperwork. No more paper receipts or missing money. I'm actually saving money now!
I used to use Quickbooks which feels like it's from the 1990s. Bonsai was a breath of fresh air and now I don't worry about my taxes at all.
"Anyone doing #freelance work should use @bonsaiinc for contracts/payment. It's amazing and saves boatloads of time."
Nathanael Smith
Product Design
"Wow, @bonsaiinc's contracts are completely wonderful. If you freelance you have to check it out. Really lovely experience. h/t @hemeon"
Jon Gold
Designer and engineer
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