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You are probably wondering if you have what it takes to excel as a freelance writer. The truth is nobody else can determine how much success you enjoy in this career, except you! Some writers accomplish a lot in their first year of freelance writing. Others take a while to get going. Still, you can always find fresh ways of improving your chances of succeeding. One of the most important tools to aid your cause is a writing contract example, which you should treasure.

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The contract will help solidify your relationship with clients as shown below.

1. Proves that you can write

Most likely, your chances of failing as a freelance writer increase substantially if you discover that you are not able to write to save your life. Therefore, use the writing contract example to show your clients that you have no problem writing stuff that makes sense. Clients should never have to seek clarification from you about the meaning of anything you wrote. The ideas you wish to convey should come out clearly through your writing, as shown in the contract.

2. Proves that you are an intelligent writer

The first thing worth mentioning here is that not all intelligent people are great writers. Therefore, do not allow this to put you down. That said, all writers should possess a certain degree of intelligence that allows them to communicate with the reader beautifully. A good starting point here involves taking the time to understand the client’s project brief and instructions. Only then can you proceed to write what clients require of you!

3. Proves that you are ready to put in a proper shift

The best freelance writers do not wait for manna from heaven. Instead, they take time to find clients. They find ways of convincing clients to give them work. In other words, they are ready to put in a proper shift. For this reason, your writing contract example should capture the fact that you are not a lazy freelance writer. Use it to let clients know that you are ready to put in back-breaking work to complete the articles on time and according to instructions.

4. Proves that you are serious about the client’s project

What is your attitude towards freelance writing? Additionally, what is your perception of this profession? Generally, you would not get far if you have the wrong perception and attitude. Therefore, let the writing contract example prove to clients that you are serious about their projects. Use this contract to let clients know that you understand their projects and are willing to do whatever it takes to come up with quality work, which you should deliver all the time.

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5. Proves that you handle criticisms well

Many freelance writers lose clients the moment they show a weakness in handling criticism. To avoid falling into this category, you should work hard to build a thick skin. You would need to develop mental strength to excel in this industry too. Without any of these, your career could be dead even before it takes off. Therefore, use the contract to inform clients that they should feel free to give you feedback on areas where you need to improve.

In conclusion, you should never ever take the writing contract example lightly again. Instead, treat it with the seriousness it deserves. After all, this document could be the key to cementing long-term healthy relationships with clients. For this reason, take your time to draft a well-crafted contract example that leaves clients impressed and convinces them to hire you as their freelance writer. This way, you would always have more clients and work than other writers.