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Wordpress Website Proposal Template
Wordpress Website Proposal Template
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The aim of this particular WordPress website proposal (PDF) is to convince customers to choose you and not other competitors. The paper should, however, propose a solution to the business of your targeted client.

The expertise involved in the design and development of WordPress website proposals in PDF format had helped potential customers to get a good sense of their abilities and function. Unknowingly, the proposal for the WordPress website prepared by many freelancers is not unique and uniqueness is always needed.

Wordpress Website Proposal Template
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1. Common practice for WordPress website proposals

The proposal made by freelancers for the WordPress website is often the same. Therefore, it has become the traditional practice of hundreds or even thousands of freelancers. Some freelancers most often send a link to their portfolio, lift the requirements of the project, and estimate the cost while writing the proposal.

2. Writing a winning WordPress website proposal in PDF format

You should present the proposal to your customers in a creative way. This act will impress your freelancing clients and such clients will know that you understand perfectly the different challenges they face in their company. You should know that they're not willing to employ everybody. This reason is why you should get the best template for WordPress website proposal (PDF). 

Customers consider a website as an investment in their respective companies. It would be easy to land the best project if you prove to your client that you understand this and that your freelancing service will support the investment. Therefore, a winning proposal for a WordPress website should be compelling and easily understood. 

3. Meeting client expectations with the WordPress website proposal

The works on the website differ from one another. Such works can vary from building a simple one-page website for a local business or redesigning a website that is huge and have plenty of hands coded functionality and ongoing support for a big organization. These descriptions are an end-to-end example, the main point is that the project's context and sophistication dictate the clients ' perceptions of what they would find in the proposals. 

4. Key elements of a WordPress website proposal PDF

Some key elements are similar to most of the recommendations that can be adapted by adding a segment in your proposal to the more complex website. The key elements of the proposal are:

4.1. Include website goals in the WordPress website proposal

To show that you understand what the client is trying to accomplish, you need to briefly mention some proposed features of the project. These features mostly include custom features, a certain layout, responsiveness design among others. Also, you must explain the way your finished project would enhance the client business and how your service would ease the frustration they are experiencing? You must show that your finished project would boost their e-commerce orders. All these things must reflect in the proposal.

4.2. Talk about the new website in the WordPress website proposal PDF

The services used to create the website must be outlined.  You must show how it would create a better experience for the users of the website and the benefits for the client business.

4.3. Talk about cost in the WordPress website proposal

The cost to design, develop, and launch the website must not be excluded. However, if the client is interested in ongoing costs such as hosting and tech support, then they should be included.

4.4. Mention your timeline in the WordPress website proposal

Inform your client in a graphical representation which deliverable to expect in a period. This could be done by listing in a table to create a nice reference point to which the client can turn to later on.

4.5. Why us? Answer in your WordPress website proposal PDF

You must let them know your freelancing skills, design process, and experience that distinguish you from other freelancers and make you the best fit for this website?

4.6. Include your portfolio in the WordPress website proposal

The awesome website you have created for other clients should be included. This portfolio should include before and after photos with some hard numbers like the percent of increased traffic.

4.7. Contract section of the WordPress website proposal

A Wordpress web design contract template is a mutual agreement that must be signed by you and your client within the WordPress website proposal (PDF). It is important to have a lawyer as a witness. This act will ensure that you are protected.

Wordpress Website Proposal Template Sample
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Good communication with your potential client beforehand would help in writing a unique WordPress website proposal (PDF). Ask the right questions to understand the client on a deeper level. Then, the proposal should be written in simple and understandable language.

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