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Makeup artists are professionals that give the stunning transformational look that wedding clients desire. More so, makeup artists take time to look out for the best interest of their clients. But as important as clients, makeup artists must be concerned about their interests. It is easy for makeup artists to run into misunderstanding when handling wedding makeup contracts.

This is why you need a wedding makeup contract if you are to handle any project of such. The best way to eliminate any form of misunderstanding is by drawing up your contract and getting your client to consent by signing the document. 

Wedding Makeup Contract Template
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Using a contract show, you are a professional, and then it makes you focus on completing the project without hassle. So, if you are planning to draft one, the question you should be asking now is what must be contained in the contract.

Here are the must have details of a wedding makeup contract:

1. Personal information in the wedding makeup contract template

The first thing you should do before writing a wedding makeup contract is to discuss with the client and get basic information. It includes the client's name and address, phone number, and email. Since you will be dealing with makeup products, we recommend your wedding makeup contract include a section where the client can indicate any allergies, illness, or cold. That's the best way to start business.

The field may also include information about the client's doctor. You will be best informed on providing a client with your best service when you are aware of their skin allergies or ailment. 

2. Schedule in the wedding makeup contract template

Your time is worth its weight in gold as a market artist. Hence, you need to be particular with your schedules and appointments. As your clientele grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to work without a strict schedule. Discuss with your client and include the makeup start time and the duration in your wedding makeup contract.

Since makeup tasks are unique, give an estimate that will take care of the type of look you want to create. Clients will now respect your time and value it the way you do if you stick to your schedule. 

3. Payment in the wedding makeup contract sample

This section of your wedding makeup contract must be crystal clear to avoid delays in payment and misunderstanding. This is not to undermine the clarity of other parts of the contract, though, but you must leave no room for confusion when it comes to compensation.

Draft your agreement and include a non-refundable deposit to secure your service. The client should sign and make the payment to confirm the commitment to the appointment. Some artists collect 20-50% of the total cost up-front to book an appointment. Set your fees and determine your rate for every event.

Wedding Makeup Contract Template Sample
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4. Cancellation of the wedding makeup contract

Keep this section close to payment and add clauses in the wedding makeup contract that settles cancellation or withdrawal from the appointment. State your fees for cancellation and let the client know the non-refundable deposit they need to forfeit in case of cancellation.

5. Booking based on the wedding makeup contract sample

Add a clause that settles booking and travel expenses if applicable to your appointment. State if you collect travel fees for going beyond a particular radius and let all costs be settled in the contract. 

6. Requirement and delays in the wedding makeup contract template

Settle the requirements of the client and document their color preferences and likes. Put down the location, materials needed, and settle the issues of delay by any party. Some artists may specify 15 minutes of arrival time before set up to avoid delay. Document all you’ve agreed upon and make room for settlement. 

7. Liabilities and social media right in the wedding makeup contract template

All makeup products must be clean and sanitized appropriately. The wedding makeup contract must endorse you to report any skin complication and release you as an artist from liability for skin complications. Also, discuss with your client if you can post the trial photos of your work on social media.


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