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Freelance website designers have their own share of fears to overcome. Many of them give in to these fears. Others find ways of soaring above the fears and excelling in their chosen niches. You too can be one of the overcomers if only you learn how to use every tool in your disposal to emerge triumphant.

The website design proposal is one such tool. Freelancers have to learn to use this tool to get rid of the fear that threatens to cripple their businesses by rendering them unproductive. What is more, the culture of fear has to disappear for the consultancy to thrive.

What solutions does the proposal offer against the following common fears?

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1. Lack of experience

Lack of experience is a crippling fear that many freelance web designers struggle with all the time. However, this should not be the case. At some point, everyone has to start somewhere, which is often at a place of lack of experience.

For this reason, you should not allow it to hinder you from moving forward. Instead, you should list what you can and cannot do on the website design proposal. Essentially, the document should focus on the solutions that you propose for the problems that your clients face.

To reiterate, your focus should be on proving what you are capable of doing. Make that point clear on the website design proposal. Show your clients that you can design websites from scratch or develop existing ones.

How do you do that when you have never worked on any project in the past? You can do this by directing customers to your portfolio site. More significantly, create sample websites. Have a few templates with you ready to show clients as proof of your abilities.

2. Inability to earn enough money

How much money do you need to survive in these freelancing streets? You are the only one who knows this amount. Before starting on any project, you should first prepare a budget. Thereafter, use this budget as the reference point for all your negotiations with prospective and existing freelance clients. The money problem should not scare you. It should not prevent you from asking for the best rates from your clients. Again, let the website design proposal guide you in the discussions with customers regarding fees.

Globally, many freelancers earn more than employed workers. On that front, you have a higher chance of making money than your peers who are in 9-5 jobs. Nevertheless, there are no guarantees in life.

Therefore, you have to find creative ways of ensuring that you never run out of either work or money. As long as you have fresh projects in abundance, you will make more money. Consequently, learn to structure your proposal in a way that protects you. The proposal should help you to convince clients not only to hire but also pay you.

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3. Charging the right rate/fee

Many freelancers struggle with this fear. Seemingly, they are unable to settle on the best rate or fee to charge for their services. Follow this guideline if you have been unable to come up with a pricing strategy. Apart from that, the website design proposal could also prove a very effective tool in this regard. Before indicating your rate on it though, you should have sat down to calculate what you can and cannot accept from clients. Additionally, study what your peers are charging in the market. Finally, you could ask their budget in a live chat directly on your website before engaging with them. Adding some auto-messages on your website through a live chat like Zendesk on your website might go a long way.

In conclusion, it is worth stating that you will never go wrong by applying any of these options! Therefore, start practicing ways of overcoming any of the fears mentioned above. Do not give fear space and time to make you an ineffective freelance website designer. Instead, apply the right measures for overcoming the fear. Thereafter, you will walk in confidence and attract more web design projects to your consultancy even when your competitors are complaining about lack of opportunities.