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Besides laying out the payment demands to the client, Invoices can help you keep a record of your freelance work to give you a fair view of where you stand, and help you get paid in time. It is of utmost importance for a freelancer to design their invoices the right way, as the invoice may fail to serve its purpose if it goes wrong.

To make sure that the invoice would be convenient to read for the client, a freelancer must have a proper understanding of how an invoice is designed and how its features are organized in a suitable way. The salient features of an invoice are:

Invoice ID:

this is a number assigned to an invoice when multiple invoices are to be sent, in order to track each invoice individually.

Name and Contact Details:

Every invoice should have your name, address, email-id and contact number as well as those of the client for proper identification.

Billing Details:

The most important part of an invoice. How well your charges are mentioned in an invoice determines the overall quality of it. The billing details contain fields like hourly charges/charges per one particular aspect of the job, number of hours worked/aspects covered, and total charges.

Payment Method:

To make sure the payment process is convenient for you, it is necessary to mention how you would want to be paid.

Apart from these features, any additions or modifications depend on the type of job you are doing. Web designers are a huge part of the creative fraternity in the freelance industry. If the invoice of a web designer is dull, colorless, and simple, it wouldn't suit their creative image. To make sure that web designers create their invoices in accordance with their line of work, we have a special web design invoice sample to give an idea about how the touch of creativity can be deployed in an invoice.

An invoice sample is an already completed invoice which gives a clear perception of how different fields are ordered up to make a perfect invoice for your job. Bonsai's web designer invoice sample will definitely give you an insight on how you can design your own invoices and will also shed light on the invoices that we offer for your job. If you feel that your job does not free up much time to design invoices on your own, this sample will definitely convince you about the quality of our invoices. So if you are a web designer looking for invoice designs, this sample will definitely be help you out.