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Time and money are two of the most important assets – or tools – to a freelance web designer. That said, many designers lose a lot of time and money. Sadly, they are unable to recover what they lost. The website design brief can help such consultants to stop making these unnecessary losses. It protects the consultancy. The brief protects you. The brief also protects your clients. In short, it benefits everybody, as you will see below.

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1. Identifying the target audience

It’s great for freelancers to know their clients’ target audiences early enough. This way, the freelancer is then able to focus on designing a website that caters for the audience’s exact needs. Without this information, the freelance designer would be left groping in the dark making numerous guesses. The result of this would then be the kind of website that attracts little to no traffic thus making the client who ordered it more frustrated and angry.

Identifying the website’s target audience is a crucial aspect of web design.

2. Call to action

You may not be aware of this, but all websites must have a call to action (CTA). The most common narrative is that each web page or content on each page should have a CTA. However, it’s crucial to give your website a general or overall CTA. What does your freelance client expect visitors to do while on the website? That act or step each visitor takes constitutes the website’s CTA. Mention this to the client using the website design brief.

Some common examples of website CTAs include:

  • Subscribing to a newsletter
  • Buying a product sold on the site
  • Sending an email to the client’s organization
  • Posting comments on several posts published on the website or blog
  • Clients asking the brand to get in touch with them
  • Taking advantage of the site’s helpline or chat service
  • Making appointments

3. What is the site promoting?

The client usually tends to have something to sell. For the most part, this could be either a product or service. Regardless, the website design brief should feature something on the item that the website is to promote. The freelancer’s task would then include finding creative ways of promoting the product or service in question. The stuff it promotes is different from website promotion, which both the client and freelance designer must also agree upon.

The brief also needs to talk about the website’s/client’s unique positioning statement (UPS).

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4. How to handle the competitors

All – or most – websites are e-commerce businesses. Because of this fact, it’s safe to say that they all have competitors. The consultancy’s mandate includes helping clients to identify their competition. More importantly, the consultant’s job would also involve devising ways through which the client can handle this competition. Otherwise, the client would have an arduous task positioning the website as the best in the niche or industry when better alternatives exist.

On the website design brief, let clients know how you will get information on their web visitors.

5. What is the client’s budget?

It’s important to ask clients about their budgets before you embark on any web design project. The information helps you both. It helps you to plan based on what the client is willing to offer without suffering financial loss. It helps the clients to determine if they are better off contacting a different freelance web designer if your fee appears higher than what they can afford. For this reason, talk about the budget and cost of the project on the brief.

As noted here, the website design brief helps freelance designers to run successful businesses.