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Website Design Agreement

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Website Design Agreement

With the internet boom, businesses are scrambling to establish an online presence. Creating a brand in the digital realm starts with building a business website that stands out. Companies often outsource this task to freelancers or IT service providers. 

Designing a website takes time, patience, and a massive amount of skill. As a website designer, you wouldn't want your talent to go to waste! A website design agreement ensures that you are duly compensated for your time and efforts for every project that you undertake.

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With the help of a professional website design agreement, you can:

  • Get paid as per the agreed rates and within a timeframe
  • Clearly outline the nature of the work expected from you and the scope of the project
  • Prevent instances of scope creep, as they are highly prevalent in the industry
  • Define the duration for which you are associated with the customer
  • Maintain healthy and professional relationships with your clients
  • Gain permission to display the website in your portfolio

Parts of a website design agreement template

A website design agreement must contain the following key elements:

1. Introduction

The introduction contains the names of the parties involved in the website design agreement. It also mentions the date from which the agreement comes into effect. In case the employer and the developer are organizations, the company details must be clearly mentioned in the website design agreement.

2. Roles and responsibilities

As the name suggests, this section of the website design agreement outlines the scope of work, the schedule, and changes, if any. The Scope of Work forms the crux of the website design agreement as it elucidates the expectations from the website designer. So, make it a point to ensure that there is absolutely no ambiguity here with regards to the deliverables, or else you may be stuck in a reversion loop.

On the other hand, this portion of the agreement also defines the liabilities of the company hiring the website designer. These liabilities are stated in terms of the infrastructure, data, or materials that they need to provide.

3. Compensation

The monetary compensation offered to the website designer in lieu of the services offered, features in this section of the website design agreement. In addition to designing and website building, other expenses like costs for hosting, paid plugins or extensions, etc. are included here.

If your scope of work is clearly defined, you can include an 'Additional Services' sub-head here to mention your charges for the work carried out beyond the intended scope of the project. As a result, you will be protected from scope creep.

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4. Confidentiality

In a world where websites and branding have now emerged as intellectual property, it is essential to maintain it as classified information. Hence, companies insist on having a confidentiality clause that dictates that website designers shall not disclose any information related to the project.

5. Ownership and rights

As with most intellectual property available online, delibrations regarding the ownership and rights must also be exclusively discussed in the website design agreement. Typically, the designer forfeits the rights to the website design, and the agreement transfers the ownership to the company.

6. Term and severance

This portion deals with the duration of the project. Further, either party must be obligated to serve a notice period of X number of days (usually 30) to initiate the termination of the agreement. It may also include any fine or severance that the party may have to deposit to exit from the agreement to immediate effect.

As one can see, a website design agreement ensures that both parties have a pleasant experience while developing the project. Bonsai offers an array of website design agreements for you to choose from. You can get a professionally drafted website design agreement in just a couple of clicks!

Create your own
Website Design Agreement

Create your own

Website Design Agreement

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