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In Canada, an increasing number of Web designers have started working for their own. As a result, more and more startups are contracting freelance Web designers to participate in projects led by their teams. However starting a freelance-client relationship is still hard: the rates billed by those contractors, for example in Canada, differs a lot based on the freelancers' references.

To try and clarify the rates at which freelancers may charge clients, Bonsai developed a centralized rate explorer to help both independent workers and people hiring freelancers in deciding on the right rates.

The information collected by Bonsai shows those rates differences. As an example, 41.68% of Web designers doing work in Canada charge more than $60 per hour (with no more than 3 years of experience). Within that group, Web designers billing from $60 to $80 are around half as many free lancers as the ones charging between $40 and $60 hourly rate. In comparison with the second category of contractors, they form a group of about 31.25% fewer people.

As a comparison data shows that for Web designers who have 3 to 5 years experience:

  • - The largest segment ofpeople charge between $80 and $100 per hour
  • - Just 1.00% of contractors charge more than $180 hourly rate
  • - On the opposite, 1.09% of Web designers charge $20 or less for every hour of work
  • - There are as many contractors billing more than $80 than people charging less than $80 per hour
  • - 19.57% of contractors charge from $100 to $120 per hour while 21.20% of people bill between $100 and $120 hourly rate
  • - 19.57% of Web designers still bill from $60 to $80 for every hour of work, on the opposite they are only 15.00% for the ones who developed their skills from 5 to 10 years ago