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Rating each freelance job according to its difficulty level, there is no denying that web designing is one of the tougher ones. Using your creative prowess to design unique web pages can sometimes be very time consuming and mentally exhausting. Such work definitely asks for some sort of relief from other responsibilities attached to the web designing job. Considering that timely payments are a concern for everyone, and that you should be invoicing your client for that, you'd definitely want to get the invoice designing out of the way. That's where templates can be of good use to you. Invoice templates are already designed invoices in which you just have to enter your details in order to complete them. Once you do that and save the template file, the invoice is ready to be sent to the client.

One of the few things that ensure a freelancer's survival in the industry is the consistency of their professional image in every aspect of their work. For web designers, it is vital that their invoices, like their designed web pages, are creatively distinct, colorful, and reader-friendly. This aspect can be easily covered by using the excel templates. One of the many features of spreadsheet software is that each cell can be filled with any color according to the information contained in it to differentiate it from other cells. This can be used to a great effect in the web design invoices.

When invoicing your client, it is of utmost importance that there are no mistakes made. If the billing details are even slightly incorrect, the invoice loses its purpose and causes further inconvenience. No matter how hard you proofread your calculations, it is always possible that you might miss out on a mistake somewhere. What if this is no longer a problem? What if the calculations are done in real time according to the information you provide?

Fortunately Excel templates offer this option. Spreadsheet software has a variety of formulae stored which use basic arithmetic operations to do calculations. All that has to be done is the entering of variables like number of hours worked and hourly charges. The software will then calculate the values like total charges based on the formula in each individual cell. Here are some major advantages of using excel templates.

So if you are a web designer, using Bonsai's Excel Templates will not only reduce your burden, but will also give your invoices a more beautiful look, which justifies your line of work.