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The only reason you will ever need to fill out a W9 pdf form is so as to provide your requester with your taxpayer information number (TIN). The form is never used for any other purposes and neither is it what gets submitted to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Additionally, a business entity that asks for your W9 PDF forms will need it because they will be paying you $600 or more in any given financial year. For this reason, they will need your filled out W9 pdf form to keep a record of payments made to you and withhold 28% of tax paid to you as is required by the federal law. The tax withheld from your payments will then be issued to the IRS. Your client will use the information on the filled out W9 pdf form to fill in form 1099-MISC.

Form 1099-MISC can be accessed from the IRS website, and is not for use by individuals, rather it is for use by businesses paying you. So form 1099-MISC should not be your headache at all. You can get the W9 pdf form online from the IRS website. You can opt to fill it online then print and sign or print a blank one and hand-fill it yourself. Everything on the W9 pdf forms happens on the first page. The form comes with instructions on what is expected of you when filling it out and more useful tips to help keep your information safe. On the W9 pdf form, you will need to fill in your name, address, tax classification bracket, your taxpayer identification number then a signature and the date. However, before signing any form W9 that you will fill, it’s important to proofread and ensure that all information given is correct.

In the event that one or more information on the W9 pdf form handed to the person that made the request ends up being a lie, you may face criminal charges. On the taxpayer identification number, there are two types of TIN that you can fill out; either the Social Security Number (SSN) or the Employer Identification Number (EIN). Most freelancers or consultants will fill out their Social Security Number while any established corporation or limited liability company (LLC) will fill out their Employer Identification Number. The taxpayer identification numbers are issued by the IRS with the exception of the Social Security Number which can also be issued by the Social Security Administration. Once the IRS issues you with either of this number, they will notify you if you are subject to backup withholding. It then becomes your responsibility to let your clients know so that they can withhold 28% of your pay as payment to the IRS.

You can easily fill out your W9 pdf form using the PDF filler. Your Social Security Number, which is part of your identity in the United States, needs to be kept very safe. Anyone you give your filled W9 pdf form needs to keep it somewhere safe to avoid cases of identity theft. In case you lose your wallet or purse, it’s important to report it right away to the necessary authority. You need to make sure that the person seeking out your W9 form is genuine and is not going to use them fraudulently. Cases of people stealing other people’s Social Security Numbers and using them to get a job or collect refunds are rife. As such, whenever issuing your W9 pdf form, do it in person or send it securely to avoid such cases. Just as it is your right to safeguard your information, it is also necessary for your employer or requester to do the same.