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If you are a US citizen or a US resident alien, then you must have made contact with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) W9 form; whether as a freelance, consultant, contractor or as an entity or business. The W9 form, also known as the Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification, is a form that allows your clients or entities paying for services from you to request for your personal information. The form is pretty simple and easy to fill and takes less than 5 minutes of your time. For a first timer, the form comes with instructions that act as a guideline to enable you to understand what is required. Out of the four pages, you will only be required to fill in your information on the first page and then sign the document after which you can proceed to issue it out to your requester.

Thanks to the advancement in technology, it’s very easy to get a W9 form sample on the internet and know what it looks like or even how to fill it out. The W9 form sample will basically come with instructions on what needs to be filled where. It’s an actual W9 form that can be obtained from the IRS website, only that it does not have your information. In the sections on a W9 form sample where someone shows you how to fill it out with their own information, you will need to replace all that with your own information and ensure that it’s correct. Signing an IRS W9 from needs to be done when you are sure that all the information filled out is true and correct. In the event you sign the form with the wrong information, you could end up facing criminal charges such as perjury.

A well filled out W9 form sample illustration, will show you what you require to fill and come with a detailed step by step guide. Some W9 form sample are usually public service announcements that are meant to showcase the filling process, thus ensuring that citizens have no excuse for not filling their tax returns on time. A simple Google search on W9 form sample will give you more than 100,000 search results. The W9 form sample has the same steps and sections that the actual W9 form sample has. If your requester has asked for one and you have never filled one before, you can get one online and get to fill it to understand the process. Just make sure that when submitting the form to your requester you don’t submit the W9 form sample you had filled out. You can do this by ensuring that you label the sample form at the top to avoid confusion.

Additionally, when filling out the W9 form sample, ensure that the information isn’t your own. Remember that all the information is your own personal information and you don’t want it ending up in the wrong hands. In the event you get to fill an actual W9 form and not a W9 form sample, make sure that it’s for the right reasons. You need to be sure about the business entity that’s asking you for the form. You will also need to send your correctly filled out W9 form securely to the requester. Depending on whether you are self- employed or employed, there are different forms to fill out. A self-employed individual will have to file their tax returns on their own while an employed one will have his or hers done by the company that’s employed them. For this reason make sure that when filling out the W9 form and issuing it to a requester that you are not an employee as employees need to fill out the W4 forms.