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Are you, as a freelancer, interested in becoming more productive than ever? Any serious freelancer would answer this question in the affirmative. In fact, there are various measures you can put in place to increase your productivity. As you would notice in those measures, the running theme in all of them is good time management. Top freelancers know how to manage their time well. They use various tools, including Time Doctor. However, many of them also rely on other equally good and effective Time Doctor alternatives.

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Therefore, what is the best Time Doctor alternative?

1. Bonsai

What stands out – the most – about Bonsai is its full integration with the freelancer’s workflow. This way, you’re always on top of all the freelancing activities that you should be doing. Furthermore, it also works cross-platform, thus ensuring that you can download and use it on your iOS, macOS or web-based device with little difficulty. This means that you can use it seamlessly on your desktop or mobile gadget to keep track of your time. Additionally, Bonsai gives you the freedom of switching between different tasks without any difficulty.

2. RescueTime

Are you the type of freelancer who always looks at ways of wasting less time while getting more work done? If that’s you, then RescueTime would be an excellent Time Doctor alternative for you. Why is it ideal? One, it helps you to work with minimal – if any – distractions.

On top of that, it helps you to keep track of time on apps and websites. Added to that is the fact that you can use it to prepare excellent reports hence offering you a chance to identify areas you waste most time on fast. Use it to acquire intelligent insights on how you spend your freelance hours.

3. ManicTime

ManicTime is a must-have Time Doctor alternative for several reasons, as you will soon see. First, it tracks time in different categories; namely, user activity, time spent on each application, and time spent on each specific task. It classifies user activity as either idle or active. With this app, you will learn how many of your hours you spend working or on social media doing other – probably – unproductive tasks. Therefore, use it to get straightforward answers regarding your productive vs. unproductive hours in freelancing.

4. TimeCamp

This cloud-based Time Doctor alternative is the perfect tool for freelancers who work as project managers. Why? First, it allows them to collaborate with other professionals to complete the project right on schedule. Two, it keeps track of billable working hours. Three, it helps these types of consultants to monitor the status of their projects. Therefore, freelancers can rely on it for the information they need for calculating billable tasks. More importantly, they will also find help in creating invoices, managing time and monitoring attendance.

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5. Toggl

Are you a freelancer who mostly runs your activities by billing clients by the hour? In that case, the best Time Doctor alternative for you would be Toggl. In freelancing, time tracking is of the essence since you’re the boss! Nobody else would tell you that the activities you have focused on are not worth the time. You have to determine all that alone, with the help of a time tracking app that monitors your activities by the hour. This web-based tool is capable of getting you back on track, hence improving your productivity.

Now that you have all this information, you are in the best place to decide which of these alternatives are worth investing in. The truth is that any of them could work miracles for you and ensure that you proceed with your freelancing activities more productively. The days of wasting time on non-productive activities would be gone from your life too! However, take time to select one whose qualities fit in with your current needs where time tracking, and productivity are concerned.