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The question about how much to pay an independent contractor comes up often. In general, rates depend on how completed the software will be, what portion will be bespoke, and whether existing design features will be incorporated. This is besides a developer's education and experience, according to this article.

The Scope As Rate Determining Factor

The scope of software development will largely rest on the limits of the working budget. A good developer will simplify what they will make through focusing ideally on one core feature. They will prepare to incorporate an already existing interface design where a code already pre-exists. It may also be easily available through open sources. This way, a developer's assignment shall simply involve incorporating it into what a client desires.

Such open code samples are found easily on sites for code repository such as Bit Bucket and Git Hub. What comes out of this is a viable product at its most simple form. This allows a developer to validate their idea. It also enables proper assessment regarding whether demand for this software makes additional polishing and features feasible.

The Geography As Factor In Rate Determination

A great advantage that arises from platforms such as Upwork is the opportunity to hire good developers from anywhere. This is particularly good if such developers live in economies where living costs are much lower than in Western countries, according to this article.

As a simple example, a proficient independent contractor in Melbourne, Australia may ask for $150 per hour for an assignment. Conversely, an equally proficient developer in Belarus would be quite happy to undertake the same assignment for about $50 per hour. This is largely because the latter developer has much lower living expenses to contend with.

Another major advantage rests in having a distributed developer team working round the clock. This means that someone is hard at work on a project irrespective of what time it is. This is opposed to having a development team working in a similar time zone.

Category And Platform As Cost Factors

Software development rates are determined by what category they rest upon and the platform they eventually work in. As an example, a developer creating similar functioning apps but one for an Android device while the other for an iPhone device will charge differently. This arises from open Android environments being more diverse than environments found in Apple.

This difference in environments makes one as much as a third more expensive than the other, according to Nicholas Wright. There is also additional expenses in testing the app through multiple operating system versions and devices.