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Social Media Proposal Template

For social media freelancers or consultants having a ready simple social media proposal template or a social media management proposal for clients is a necessity. A customizable social media management proposal template gives the consultant the ability to be ahead of the game when it comes to presenting the perfect pitch.

Social media proposal forms part of the sales process. Recent studies claim that social media managers/consultants utilizing a well-defined sales process experience an 18% more revenue growth than those that don’t include a simple social media proposal template in their business, this would also include freelancers.

The intent of a social media proposal template is market, sell and formalize the consultant’s ideas to the client. The social media management proposal convinces the client that the social media freelancer or consultant will deliver without outlining every single step. 

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Below we cover two types of social media proposal templates or social media management proposals that are worth checking out: 

Proposal One Outline

  • Cover Letter
  • Executive Summary
  • Assessment Implementation
  • Goals & Outlook
  • Team
  • Payments and Scheduling
  • Terms and Agreement
  • Acceptance 

Cover Letter

The cover letter should be both professional but with a hint of personality to speak to the client. The cover letter introduces social media aspect and should warm up the client. A sample template is as follows:

Dear (Client’s Name)

Thanks for considering (Social media agency/consultant) for your social media marketing campaigns. It’s fantastic to connect with you and glad that the team and I fully comprehend the scope of your social media marketing expectations.

By combining the latest strategies with procedures based upon social media trends, extensive analysis and applying specifics unique to (The client’s Company), its possible to achieve practical and fastidious results within the specified social media channels.

Our proposal details a wholesome social media marketing strategy that will help the company realize higher successful results.

For any questions or further clarifications, get in touch with the contacts attached below. (attach contacts) 

Executive Summary

The simple social media proposal template or social media management proposal presents a coordinated plan to help your client’s social media presence flourish. It covers the right strategies to boost social media sites including but not limited to; Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and LinkedIn.

Through continuous audience engagement via social media channels, you should be able to demonstrate the ability to generate awareness.

Engagement drives more web traffic, widening the firm’s reach within the target market aspects that contribute significantly to the top line growth. By assigning enough time to the project and producing consistent quality work, the social media campaign enhances the following areas:

Creation of Engaging Content: You should be able to works together with the client’s staff to plan and prepare dynamic, ongoing social content calendar that outlines and guides the project to achieve laid out goals.

You should utilize aspects such as hashtags, retweets and keyword campaigns to keep up with the industry. Producing and posting unique content broadens the social media accounts reach.

Posting Related/Relevant Updates: The social media manager/consultant or a freelancer work is to engage/attract a targeted social media audience by sharing the client’s press releases, news, employee spotlights, events and much more.

The freelancer also keeps abreast with industry happenings such as trends, share the same wildly as this helps in ramping up the company’s bio and reputation within the target market.

Integrate Social media into various Marketing Plans: Clear and consistent communications coupled with a couple of brainstorming meetings every 30 days.

Such deliberations afford the social media marketing freelancer or consultant the opportunity to consolidate marketing initiatives that fit the company goals and promotional material.

Campaigns: Campaigns play a crucial role in social media above any contents, giveaways, promotions or sales. There’s need to create a schedule for a series of posts that fuels momentum (exciting) for targeted traffic that converts into customers.

Social Campaigns and Promotions: The social media consultant utilizes social channels to connect with the numerous followers thus engaging them with exciting promotions encompassing current events and the brand itself.

Campaigns run from hours to a couple of months. They help in analyzing social media engagement and prove whether their input is successful or not.

Campaign results best compare to effective promotion, contests, and offers. Successful ones are replicated to achieve high ROI.

Sustained Monitoring: to achieve maximum growth, it's paramount that there’s continuous marketing activity.

The dedicated social media team continuously monitors every social channel and expeditiously responds to any query, question comment, and posts within a two-hour period.

The two-hour time frame makes it possible to confirm that new and accurate info is related to the individual that seeks clarification.

Analytics: The freelancer managing social media campaign provides Daily and weekly analytics capturing the comments posted, number of likes, follower growth, retweets, and shares.

Reporting: Summarizing a variety of results and activities every month and setting up meetings with the client to go over results and adjust the social media management approach accordingly.

Assessment: This segment outlines how social media channels profoundly influence the client’s business. This part focuses on both highs and lows of the current social media standing.

Analyzing current market trends and ways that the freelancer will mitigate results should be emphasized here. Could go as follows:

Since (Client/Agency) is an industry leader within the (Niche) space, (The social media manager/consultant/freelancer) is excited and eager to join forces to tackle the challenge of improving and enhancing social media standing.

As it is now common knowledge, successful social media marketing not only gets the firm/client noticed but encourages engagement. Our research shows that the (Company/Client) current social media strengths include; clever, engaging content creations, timely response to comments.

(Client/Company) current weaknesses observed will require the social media consultant to help improve the following areas: incorporate consistent promotional campaigns, introduce infographics/photo marketings tools, utilize analytics to demonstrate effect social media marketing.

Close analysis of current successful marketing trends including the use of interesting infographics, keywords and engaging social channels audiences in fun but professional ways ramp up traffic and contributes to the company’s ROI. 

Implementation: This part describes the social media marketing plan. It should carry strategies and ways to keep the social posting momentum. The sample plan can go as follows:

As per the discussion, the following agreed-upon social media marketing strategy will guarantee that we will be consistent in posting on each social media channel.

Goals and Outlook: The marketing strategy in the graph above will provide ample information to compare monthly, quarterly, half-year and full year progress.

The strategy makes it possible to understand marketing initiatives worth pushing. The reports will be realistic and quantitative and will show a projected trend that will lead to an improved ROI.

Consultant: Sell yourself. Make the client believe that are working and dedicated to helping realize growth. The pitch can go as follows:

I am based in (Location). It comprises of experienced and passionate social media marketers committed to client’s success.

(Social Media Marketer/Consultant) enjoys the marketing business, and has fun utilizing different social media channels to engage the audience, drive web traffic, capture the audience through engaging content and run social media campaigns.

(The freelancer) delivers continuous proven social media marketing results and its commitment to influencing optimal revenue growth is unwavering.

Billing and Scheduling: The social media manager/consultant should craft a client communication plan. In it, there should be a detailed methodology in which clients are contacted.

The plan should include the time frame client will be billed weekly, monthly and quarterly. The project should also add specific payment information including payment deadlines, late fees and days or duration the client will receive an invoice.

Terms & Agreement: Before agreeing and signing an agreement, some aspects in the proposal can be amended/altered in collaboration with the client. The contractual form should have space to include the names of the parties engaging. 

Acceptance: Signature appended below signifies acceptance of the social media marketing proposal and entrance into contractual agreement with (Social media manager/consultant/freelancer) from the signed date.

Proposal Type Two 

The second type of social media proposal template or social media management proposal should follow the below format: 

Analysis: Client Social media problems Identifications: managing client’s expectations is a crucial fact.

The consultations accord the social media manager or the freelancer a chance to comprehend the client’s needs for social media and strategize how best to meet said requirements.

A majority of times, clients confess their need for social media management help, however, are unable to describe why they need to use social media and what goals they would like realized via social media.

If the client is looking for a formula to increase sales and realize a profitable revenue through social media, this is the section that covers sales metrics and analysis of why the client’s current strategy isn’t helping.

Type of Work: This section covers every detail of work you will do for the client. It will be the most significant section of the entire proposal and its best delivered when broken into the following segments;

Posting schedule: The social media channels that will be used and how often they will be posted/updated. When posting approval process is required, an outline of the approval should be indicated.

Content creation and curation: Encompasses taking and posting pics/videos, creating a social media content calendar and keeping abreast with industry news.

Brand keyword monitoring: Noting down tracked and used rich keywords.

Analytics and reporting: Note the frequency of report on analytics and what and how long will be tracked.

Social media management details: State the duration needed to engage in social media and how much time will be dedicated to this event.

Project Milestones and Deadlines: The section talks about the project’s success will be measured. If the job entails brand exposure, impressions and reposts should form part of the metrics.

Having current numbers and growth rate reports will assist in setting and noting attainable numeric goals in the simple social media proposal template.

Proof of Work: This section encourages the client to work only with the social media manager/consultant/freelancer and not the competition.

In this segment, demonstrating experience and expertise and how it will come handy in fulfilling their needs. The freelancer can include previous client testimonials and or samples.

This space allows the social media manager or in this case the freelancer to explain why they’re the right candidate for the job at hand and share how their input grew their previous client’s social media accounts which led to a handsome ROI.

Agreement Terms: This section covers the soul of the simple social media proposal template. It captures intricate details on how the project will be undertaken, delivers the contractual terms and the payment process.

Decide whether the client will make payments for hourly, weekly or retainer basis for services rendered. Describe how invoices will be sent out how payments terms should be honored and if there is an upfront fee payment. 

This sections also describes how services will be rendered, whether remotely or through booking time and visiting the client’s office and when it’s appropriate time to answer questions or queries. 

The termination terms spells how the contract is to be ended should either party decide that it’s not working in their favor.  

Side Note

After choosing an appropriate social media proposal template, the next step is to consider a scenario after delivering the social media management proposal.

To avoid going back and forth with the client, follow up the proposal with a write up stating that there will be a follow-up email a few days after the proposal is sent and received. If the client is accorded a chance to ask for a revision, it should be indicated in the follow up write up.

To show seriousness the social media management proposal can carry an expiring date and a copyright notice. The proposal length is dependent on the duration of the contract. A plethora of social media managers/consultants/freelancer prefer sending their proposals digitally.

Others prefer sending a digital copy and requesting an in-person presentation. The latter receiver a higher positive response as clients tend to trust and appreciate their effort to meet with them and discuss on a roundtable.  Whichever, formulation augurs well for the freelancer is okay.

So long as the social media proposal template created will capture the client’s attention and prove that the freelancer will deliver their social media needs!

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Social Media Proposal Template

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Social Media Proposal Template

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