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A singer contract is an agreement document that is necessary for every singer. This type of contract is often tedious which makes it very essential. It is vital because it protects the interest of the two parties involved. It makes sure that the two parties involved enjoy the advantages of the music business. 

Also, this contract makes sure that the individual rights of both the freelancer and the client are protected. However, the right information should be included. This act will aid a concrete agreement for the freelancing business. Therefore, resulting in an easy and well-executed freelancing service.

Singer Contract Template
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1. A singer contract template document

This contract could be between a band and its band management or a recording company and a freelancing artist. No matter the collaboration, the major elements contained in a singer contract are similar to any other artist's collaboration. This includes the percentage of the cash for everyone that is involved in the music, talent and commercial benefits for the talents. 

Similar to other forms of contract, the singer contract is the kind of document that binds two parties together like the artist and the recording label representative. This contract is always a legal and documented type of agreement, not just a verbal one. The role played by the artist is to make the music. While the role played by the recording label is to sell the album or song. The Singer contract then brings their interest together with the signed document.

2. Advertising section in the singer contract template

Mall tour and playing a selected cut from the music for free would promote songs. This is also a way of bringing the song to the awareness of the audience and entice them to either buy or download the music.

Platforms like Television and Radio Stations are used to promote the song and the artist. This could be done by playing a few gigs which are determined by the music label representative. This is done in order to benefit from the huge impact it has on the audience. However, this should be clearly stated in the document.

You should have known that your business in this kind of contract is bound only to that label record. This means that your products are to be recorded and distributed by the client. Everything the freelancer does carry the label name in performance and appearance. As a benefit from promotions, a certain percentage of all sales usually goes to the record company. 

3. Using the singer contract template

Most times, some freelancers loss interest in their record label and want to get out of the legally binding contract but find it very difficult. For this reason, freelance artists must be very careful while signing a contract. 

The artist must carefully read and understand every detail in the contract before appending his signature. This must be done so that you know what is binding on you as a freelancer. However, if you don't understand how it works. Then you should download the template of the singer contract from Bonsai to assist you.

Singer Contract Template Sample
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4. Essential details of the singer contract sample

Since the contract involves more than one person then the basic and well-detailed information of the two parties must be listed. Information like the names and detail for identification. Then the contract pertinent details are written like the tee structure, details of the recording, termination information and the specific clauses to the performance of the artist in the public. 

After the contract is filled, it is best for both parties to go through the agreement again before the signature to avoid errors or mistakes. The document is then printed and both parties append their signatures. It is often good that both parties own a copy of the document throughout, before and at the end of their relationship. Although, all these acts must involve legal practitioners.


A consultant must always present his freelancing services on a singer contract in simple and understandable language. The artist must understand the contract before signing it. In addition, a lawyer should not be excluded from the contract.



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