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Many freelancers who are in the early stages of their careers do not appreciate the power of contracts. In their eyes, contracts are complex legal documents that could land them in trouble or prevent them from getting new clients. However, the reverse is true. Contracts actually help to bring in quality clients. Also, they protect your interests, as a freelancer.

Nevertheless, you need a well-written document to make the agreement legally enforceable. It is worth mentioning that simple contracts can be either written or verbal. For the purpose of this article, though, the focus is on the written contracts, which are easier to enforce using legal routes. They must be full of all the appropriate elements to help your freelancing career, though.

Simple Services Contract Template
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1. Power to enter the simple services contract template

A simple contract for services would be inadmissible in court if one of the two parties signing it, or both parties, have no power to enter an agreement. For this to happen, both individuals must prove that they are legal adults. Secondly, the two of you have to be of sound mind. Any hint of mental incapacity to sign such a contract would give either of you an impossible time in court in case disagreements arise.

Otherwise, the court could rule that one of you lacks the mental capacity for understanding the terms of the contract. All of that refers to your competency, which is one of the most critical requirements for signing a legally enforceable contract.

2. Feature basic elements of a simple services contract template

Again, it’s important to note that a simple contract for services is excellent because of the basic elements of a contract that it features. You do not have to make it annoyingly long and complicated. For this reason, make sure that it describes the freelancing services that you promise to offer to the client. Secondly, it has to state the time by which you should have completed the project and submitted it to the client.

Do not leave the issue of timing to chance or to the client’s interpretation. Otherwise, clients could convince the court to rule in their favor, which would be a massive loss to you financially and dent your reputation. Lastly, insert a contract termination clause on the document.

3. Clarify fees upfront in the simple services contract sample

Moreover, a good simple contract for services does not exclude any information on the fees. After all, you work for money on top of providing a freelance service that your clients need. So, how much fees do you expect clients to pay upfront? Do not be shy about this since clients need this piece of information to budget accordingly.

Simple Services Contract Template Sample
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Here, you are free to express the fees as a percentage or exact amount. Make sure that the figure or percentage is clearly visible to ensure that your clients know what you mean. None of your clients should be confused. Many clients vs. freelancer relationships break because of money or fees. Give your relationships with your clients a better chance of growing into something that makes you all proud. It must also clarify:

  • Milestone fees during each critical stage of the project
  • The amount that clients should pay for all completed work in case they cancel the contract
  • Late fees in instances where clients fail to pay as initially agreed

A simple contract for services is crucial for protecting the freelancing business that you run to provide clients with their much sought after services. As you implement all the measures above, do not forget to date the contract. More critically, ensure that it features the date when the contract or project starts and ends. Additionally, you should only sign it with your clients after confirming that the services offered and sought are legal.

Illegal services nullify the contract and make it unenforceable. No court would look at the contract twice if the engagement were for illegal activities. Therefore, start learning how to prepare a simple contract for services today to protect your business and the clients.



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