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Simple Invoice Template (Google Docs)

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Simple Invoice Template (Google Docs)

An invoice is a document that records the goods or services a supplier provides to a customer. Invoicing is an important part of a business because it has to do with the finances. Hence, it would be best if you chose an effective invoice solution to bill your client and appear professional doing so.

Among the numerous billing solutions, the Google docs package is one of the few that operates as a cloud app. You can create a simple invoice template Google Docs to request payment from your clients effectively. 

Invoices are important for keeping financial transaction records and providing quality customer service to a happy client. While business tycoons and big companies may adopt invoicing software packages, small businesses and independent consultants can make use of simple templates. In doing so, they save time and money while clearly communicating their service fees to clients.

Google Docs invoicing meet this need. You can start creating and using a simple invoice template Google Docs once you have a Google Drive account. Or start by creating a Gmail account; it incorporates Google Drive and other applications. 

Google Docs  is a web-based application. You don’t need to download any software to access it. Log in to your Google drive, select a sample, and start customizing.

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You create, save, and share your simple invoice template Google Docs via cloud storage. The application also permits you to save the invoice file on your computer for local access and tax record keeping. You can also save the document in a different format and send it to your client at will. 

How to customize a invoice template in Google Docs

  1. Log in to your Google Drive and choose the template you want. Select the blank document if you want to design from the scratch
  2. Create a field to add your personal information-business name, contact address, email address, and phone contact. Also, create a field to provide the same information for your client.
  3. Add a table with the appropriate number of rows and columns if you need to list your services. Briefly describe your service with just enough information to make the client understand you are billing for the service you rendered. One good thing with simple invoice template Google Docs is intuitiveness and ease of customization. 
  4. Include in your table the rate for each service you’ve provided. There’s no need to outline fees against service if you charge a flat rate for your service.  Create a space to sum fees if you have several of them and include the tax field if applicable to your service. 
  5. Include a field to state your terms and conditions. Terms and conditions may include retainer fee rate, payment method and currency, and payment window. Some users may add discount fees for early response plus a penalty for late payment to prevent unwarranted delays. 
  6. The bottom part of simple invoice template Google Docs may involve an optional note. Information in this section may include a call to action, and a thank you message, or any other information you've not captured in the above sections. 
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Benefits of using invoice templates for Google Docs

If you have chosen the Google Docs solution, you are sure of effective billing with simple invoice template Google Docs. See the perks of invoicing with Google docs:

  • Invoice clients with ready-to-use templates 
  • Save time in invoicing
  • Create a professional template 
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Easy to customize with a well-designed layout
  • Real-time storage and easy retrieval 
  • Versatile with business applications. 
  • Easy tracking and monitoring incoming cash
  • Good for keeping clients record and details of work
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Simple Invoice Template (Google Docs)

Create your own

Simple Invoice Template (Google Docs)

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