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Simple Invoice Template

If you run a small business, you still need to create and send invoices to customers as a way of requesting payment officially. But you don't want to spend so much time fussing with confusing or complicating invoicing software solutions. After all, your goal is to be able to provide quality service to clients and get paid for your services promptly.

So, a simple invoice template would help instead of thinking about expensive invoicing software or hiring an accountant to handle your invoicing.  Luckily, there is a better and simple alternative, and that is creating your invoice template using online solutions like Bonsai or Google Docs. You can use these invoicing systems to create a simple invoice template and send it to your clients within a few minutes. 

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Using invoices to request payment from your clients has several obvious benefits. Some studies have shown that many businesses take at least 28 days to clear payment for goods or services received. You can always make use of your simple invoice template to discreetly get your payment from a client by drafting and sending the bill as soon as possible. Do you have issues drafting a professional template?or you are caught in the web of having lots of unpaid invoices?

See the next section of this article to create invoices that produce results.

Creating your simple invoice template- what you must know

Invoices document the details of a transaction- the quantity of goods or services provides plus the respective cost of the items. Invoices are unique, and they cover vital information to help a customer pay for service or goods receipt.

Consider including the flowing sections and information when creating your simple invoice template.

1. Header section

A professional header should carry your business name or full name. You may emphasize the letting by either boldening it or making the font bigger than other sections in the document. Follow it by your logo anywhere on the top of the form. 

2. Contact information

Include your contact address and that of your client. It makes it easy for your client to identify and accept the bill as their responsibility and also to contact you when the need arises. At the very least, this section of your simple invoice template should include a mailing address, email address, phone number, and website. Besides, you may include your social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

3. Date & invoicing number

Create a field to add the date you created the bill and generate an invoicing number for your customer. The number should be unique and follow a particular sequence so you can always generate a series of them for other clients. An invoice number helps in tracking a specific bill to know its status and for following up with outstanding payments.

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4. Service details

Highlight the services you provided the client or list the goods if that is what you supplied. Put each of them on a separate line and briefly describe the goods or services.

5. Fees 

Include the fees for each good supplied or service rendered. Remember to add your billing policy, whether a fixed rate or hourly fees common with freelancers and designers. Sum the fees and put the total on a line.

6. Tax elements

Include taxes in your simple invoice template if applicable and add other fees like shipping that affects the total amount. Add your discount rate and subtract the value from the initial sum. Sum the fees now after tax and discount and put the total somewhere below the document

7. Payment terms & condition

You want to make your payment terms clear to the customer by clarifying your preferred payment method and currency if sending the bill to an international client. Also, add your payment due date - Due 30 days Net, 45, or 60.

Create your own
Simple Invoice Template

Create your own

Simple Invoice Template

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