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Simple Consulting Proposal

Consultants spend countless hours writing proposals. All proposals need a lot of time to write well regardless of how simple or complex they are. Writing a proposal well increases your chances of landing clients. All consultants have to spend time polishing this particular skill. Even writing a simple consulting proposal needs some skill. If you feel your skills are not up to scratch, do not hesitate to hire an expert proposal writer to help you write one.

Writing even a simple consulting proposal is not easy. It’s a thankless, time-consuming and tedious task. Do them correctly, however, and you will never be short of clients seeking your expertise. In fact, many freelancers have made a great career out of writing excellent consulting proposals for clients in different niches. There are many reasons for writing consulting proposals, and some of these include:

  • complying with legal complications
  • measuring progress and results
  • compliance with procedural requirements
  • marketing

The following are the three essentials for writing a simple consulting proposal.

1. Write and Send Proposals Only When Necessary

First, it’s tempting to feel like writing and sending a new proposal every time a client asks you for one. As a consultant, you will receive numerous requests to send proposals. Instead of doing what the clients want, take time to ask as many questions as you can first. The questions will provide answers that you can then use to develop an in-depth proposal. Some of the questions you need answers for include:

  • Does the client have another consultant?
  • How did the consultant please or disappoint the client?
  • What’s the scope of the project?
  • Does the work fall within your area of specialization or comfort?

It’s fine to show clients that you’re selective with the kind of projects you pick.

2. Address the Client’s Specific Problems

Next is the need for addressing the client’s exact problems. The consulting proposal should clearly spell out the measures you wish to take to address the core problems your client has pointed out. Define the client’s problem(s) in the simple consulting proposal you write. Confirm that you’re providing solutions to the correct problem. Importantly, the proposal should show that your solutions are different from what clients get from their workers.

Remember these:

  • Provide solutions that guarantee you more work from the client or other referrals
  • You not a sheep but a consultant; hence, your proposal should show that

3. Convince Clients to Say Yes in Multiple Ways

Third, finding multiple ways of convincing the client to say “yes’” to your proposal. The essence of writing a proposal is to get the client’s approval. There is nothing wrong in drafting more than one option. When clients show a bit of apprehension with one option, present them with the second, third, fourth or fifth alternative. Some clients will accede to the first presentation. Others will ask for more details and continue negotiating with you.

Learn the art of negotiation. You will need it when drafting the simple consulting proposal.

The options worth developing and including in your simple consulting proposal are:

  • an option that addresses the problem with minimal effort and cost
  • an option that requires more work and is more costly
  • an option that goes over and above what the client wanted

Now that you know the three essentials of a simple consulting proposal, feel free to use this information to write one. Impress clients with your excellent proposal writing skills. Remember to write it based on the answers you get to all questions you ask. Additionally, base it on addressing the needs and problems the client wants resolved and making it impossible for the client to say no to your proposal.

Create your own
Simple Consulting Proposal

Create your own

Simple Consulting Proposal

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