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Simple Consulting Contract Template

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Simple Consulting Contract Template

If you render any form of consulting service to clients, you won’t escape the part of drafting a contract to execute projects. Sooner or later, you’d have clients that propose a project and request a contract before giving you the final green light. Hence, it would help if you thought about getting a simple consulting contract template to avoid a rush work of crafting one when the need arises.

Consulting contracts simply define the business relationship between you and a client. More often than not, the document describes the work to be done, the roles of the parties involved, and their expectations.  

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Expectations in a consulting contract may include the goals and objectives, dates of milestones, compensation, among others. A simple consulting contract template becomes binding once discussed with a prospective client and reaches an agreement on the work to be done, the scope, timeline, and cost. A contract is legal and enforceable once you and a client commit to it by appending your signatures to it.

Why use a simple consulting contract  template

No doubts, people still have successful deals by just a few discussions and sealing it with a handshake. In today's world, you are safer doing business when you have a signed contract in place. A lot of freelancers and consultants have delayed and unpaid invoices due to many reasons, including the lack of a simple consulting contract template to define their business relationship.

Binding agreements make you work safely with the hope of getting paid after your work. See other reasons why you need a binding consulting contract:

  • It defines your role and that of your client.
  • It clarifies the objective of your client and that of the project
  • It provides a road map and document to track work progress
  • It explains fees and compensation
  • Security over fees
  • Saves you from multiple revisions and rework that is above the specified
  • It is a good record document 
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Details of a simple consulting contract template

Consulting contracts should be detailed, with just enough information to carry out the project. See the section of a typical simple consulting contract template. 

1. Introduction of parties

This section contains the basic information of the parties involved in the contract. It should include business name, address, email, phone contact, and website of both the consultant and client.

2. Services 

Next is the description of the services for which a client is employing you as a consultant. It includes the scope of work, the problem, and the solution you will provide. Outline your strategy in the simple consulting contract template and paint a picture of the outcome when you are done.

3. Retainer & compensation

If you collect a retainer fee for your work, state it in this section and include the invoicing date for the fees. Also, break down your service into discrete bits and outline them against their fees. 

4. Termination 

Not every project will be completed without a hitch, hence the need for a termination clause. Answer the question about what happens if a party decides to withdraw from the agreement.

5. Terms and conditions 

Include your working terms and conditions. How and when would you like to be paid? When should you send the invoice? Do you give a discount or have a preferred payment method? These are the questions to answer in this section when drafting your simple consulting contract template.

6. Timeline 

Dating is an important part of your contract writing. State the start time and duration of the project and include milestone dates if applicable. 

7. Relationship of parties 

This part covers a lot of information, including the binding authority and ownership rights. Here is where you state that the consultant holds no right to bind you to any agreement without your written consent.

It also includes the non-discloure agreement (NDA) plus the following information:

  • No exclusivity
  • Ownership and rights
  • Confidentiality 
  • Dispute resolution
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Simple Consulting Contract Template

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Simple Consulting Contract Template

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