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For professionals within the IT solutions industry, questions often arise about determining the worth of a good SharePoint Developer. SharePoint may be an imperfect but evolving solution currently. It is however here to stay. According to this article, more than seventy-five percent Fortune 500 enterprises use it. This means good developers remain valuable assets.

Consider this viewpoint. Company A aspires to open two branches and needs to run them from a central environment. This firm uses SharePoint like numerous other firms out there. They venture out in search of a SharePoint developer and immediately wonder at the between $100 and $250 per hour rates.

Developer AA however offers to take the assignment at $20 per hour. Although this developer offers to take much longer, Company A reasons that they will make great savings in hiring him. They proceed to do so while patting themselves on the back.

One month later, things are not going on well at Company A. The assigned project is far from complete. Developer AA, after failing to respond to urgent emails and ignoring calls, has sent a brief email stating he cannot complete the assignment and has a new project. This is despite receiving a $2,500 advance payment. Their lawyer advices that this is not recoverable.

Clients are unhappy, employees complain of delayed salary remittance and business is gliding to a halt. In frustration, Company A engages a new consultant Developer B. She must work long hours to fix the damage and Company A agrees to pay her $300 per hour to get them up to speed fast.

Developer B implements SharePoint brilliantly but her final bill includes sixty hours of extra work. These were necessary to fix issues Developer AA left behind. This means Company A pays an additional $18,000 above the $2,500 paid to Developer AA. This is besides the of lost reputation and productivity Developer AA brought.

In view of the forgoing, the question is not how much a SharePoint is worth but how much is seamlessly running your business worth. According to Sarah McMullin, making a transition to SharePoint is a major undertaking. Do not seek the cheapest route but rather seek high value and top product quality.

Hiring some $20 cheap developer generates a cheap $20 assignment. A great developer brings capability, anticipates challenges, suggest appropriate solutions and remains abreast of latest technologies.

Finally, you will get exactly what you pay for works well even for SharePoint developers. According to Tod Baginska well-paid developer will use available technology to implement a SharePoint solution after studying this technology to discover the requisite architecture to implement.